Thursday, 21 September 2017

Why's A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

First up it shocks me how much I like these photos, I hate my body so usually delete every outfit photo I've taken. Also I cannot stand my face on most photos like I just think it's grim but I wanna use these for everything props to my mam for taking some decent photos her first time using a camera in like 10 years haha. I'm also really conscious of the fact my hair is a ridiculous array of colours right now but I'm trying to be good and not dye it so I can go back natural once most of the green has gone so for now I have to deal with hair that makes me think of algae and seaweed haha.

Anyway, I was invited to the most beautiful wedding a few weeks ago and the theme was Alice in Wonderland let me tell you the decor and cake everything was just so beautiful and perfect I was just like wow I want to get married and trust me that is a very rare thought haha. So I thought it was the perfect occasion to finally wear this dress I picked up in Lincoln a few months ago, I can't even remember the store it was on Steep Hill I know that much tho. The second I saw the dress I had to have it, I love Alice in Wonderland everything about it is brilliant, it's the first book I remember bringing home from school and asking my mam to read with me. I decided to wear it with the cutest rose gold heels from River Island and of course needed a sparkly bag to match which I found in New Look.

I really just loved my entire outfit and felt adorable all night, even if I did end up running around bare feet cause I'm no good in heels haha. These photos have definitely boosted my confidence and I'm super excited to get back into posting outfits and trying more outside shoots. I'm hoping to pack this dress for my trip to Disneyland too, so no doubt it'll be making an appearance here again soon! So there we have it my current favourite outfit ever, I just want to wear the dress every day for the rest of my life because it's so perfect.

Do you have an outfit you just feel adorable in and want to wear forever? 

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Recent Favourites..

I thought since I'd be gone for a bit I'd share a few things I've loved recently. To be honest this is what I have been doing while abandoning blogging, I mean I have also spent time with the fam and friends and that but like mostly I've been trying to relax.

Fuck me man, THE WALKING DEAD. JFC. Mates, like if you don't read it you've got to add it to your list. I swear every month I just count down to the newest issue, the story is just so good and I am so emotionally attached to the characters I physically don't think I can stop reading it until it ends. Honestly add it to your list, it has everything you could want, horror, gore, love, inspiring speeches, character development and zombies.

I'm still living for the pin and cactus trend, about 3 years and going strong. My newest pins are the cutest though, my favourite is the lil bumble bee, my Granda actually picked him up for me when he was out and surprised me with it the absolute cutie. The Hail Satan one is Abandon Ship and the X-Files one is Punky Pins. I picked up the cute lil cactus lamp in Primark I think it was just a few quid but its perfect for when I want to watch tv in bed and don't want an actual light on plus it is adorable. I'm also still living for Lush and their bath bombs, will it ever end? Probably not. Rocket Science is fairly new and I am loving it, my bath is left the prettiest shade of blue and the fact in comes in the shape of a rocket is a novelty I am not over.

Bertie Botts tho! My dad brought me a box of Every Flavour Beans back from Florida and I absolutely love how ridiculous and gross some of the flavours are. It's super fun to share them and see whos going to get the worst one, plus the packaging is amazing.

Right so let me tell you about Neck Deep they're shite but this new album is cracking. Nah Neck Deep aren't really shite I just haven't listened to them for 3 years completely forgot about them and had only ever listened to one album until I heard this one and guys I'm kinda a little bit of a fan. Honestly Peace & The Panic is fairly solid, my favourites are In Bloom and Don't Wait with the babe Sam Carter from Architects. If you're a fan of pop punk you've got to download this album you won't be disappointed.

Finally, lemme tell you about this lil blast from the past. CRASH BANDICOOT MAN. I have never felt so frustrated with a game in my whole life. How did I play this game as a kid and never smash a Playstation up?! Because I swear to god I am ready to throw my controller through my telly, like I swear it was never as hard as it is now. I am living it for it though, when I ever I have an hour or so free I'm like hmm how much Crash can I fit in?! If you have a PS4 and haven't picked this up, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! You need it trust me, if there's one thing you need from what I have loved recently it is this. It brings hours of frustration and enjoyment what more could you need from a game? Seriously tho just give up on trying to get boxes and make ridiculous jumps 'cause it is hard my friends so hard.

So those are a few of my current favourite things, I may try and do a favourites post regularly 'cause I do love reading other peoples plus it's super fun sharing what I've loved with you! I do wonder when I'll grow up though I mean, Comics, games and pop punk you'd think I was still 15 not 23 haha. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

She's Right Back At It Again

Hello! How I have missed blogging, I feel like I got my blogging inspo back and then I decided I didn't want to be online anymore, it was kinda weird. I put my social media on private and just didn't blog. I'd gotten a little uncomfortable with people I don't like or want reading about my life and making comments on it when they saw me so I just decided to stop for a little while, it's why most of my social media has been quiet for a while. I'm over it now though, I've learnt I just need to ignore bitchy or horrible comments on my life and do what I love since I miss blogging and I've got so much I want to share on here so I'm back for good I believe. 

I've not really been doing that much since I last blogged, I've been to a few gigs, read a few books, played all the Crash Bandicoot, mostly I've just been relaxing and catching up with my friends and family. I did have a concussion, that's the most interesting thing that has happened to me recently haha. I got elbowed in the back of my head in a nightclub and ended up in A&E the next night getting head and neck x-rays as I was in so much pain and had the most ridiculous headache, only I could get such a ridiculous injury haha. Anyway I'm healthy again, I think I have my life into a routine in which I have time to blog and I'm feeling inspired again so you'll be seeing a lot more of me again I apologise in advance!