Sunday, 18 June 2017

Me Dad

With it being fathers day I thought I'd write a little post about how mint I think me dad is. Like to me he's actually the best ever. Everyone whos' met John thinks he's mint like my friends ask about him all the time it's like he's a bit of a legend sometimes to be honest. He is pretty cool tho. I won't lie when I was younger I hated him, well maybe that's too strong but I didn't like him much I hated that he'd left us and I didn't think I'd ever be close to him or be able to talk to him about stuff. I mean it was a bit shitty not having him there growing up but now I'm older I'm happy about that 'cause I think it's why our relationship is so good now.

I think the biggest thing my dads ever done for me is introducing me to bands and live music, he's amazing he's driven so many miles so that I can see bands I love and cry over them. He took me to my first gig at 12 for my 13th birthday present, it was the Kerrang Tour with Madina Lake and he got me all the merch and even hung around after so I could meet them and cry haha. He's taken me to so many shows for bands he doesn't like and stood there making sure I didn't get pushed over and hanging about so I could try and meet them, he even drove to Liverpool after work so I could see Aiden one time, we even did Edinburgh one time for Bullet For My Valentine. I really think he's the best, I feel like music is the thing me and my dad share, when I'm at a show or festival without him part of me is sad he's not there to enjoy it too. This sounds like I'm bragging but I don't mean to I just he's just taken me to so many shows and given me so many memories I'll never be able to thank him enough. If it wasn't for him taking me to shows and introducing me to bands and sharing Kerrang magazine with me and stuff I probably wouldn't have the friends I do today and I know for a fact I wouldn't be the person I am.

It's not just music that makes him the best, he watches the same shows as me we have so much in common and I love that 'cause I struggle to relate to my mam but my dad no issue at all. I love that we can talk about anything tv, music, politics everything like I don't feel like I have to hide stuff from him he's the best dad. I know I can go to him with anything and he'd understand and he'd help me out no matter, I'm just super grateful he's my dad and I don't think I ever tell him how much he means to me or how much I love him but I'm sure he knows. I know I don't see him as often as I should since he's getting old (he'll kill me for that I'm sure) but I know if I need him he'll pick the phone up after about 20 calls 'cause he is the hardest person to ever get in touch with and we'll have a little chat and I won't feel so bad about not seeing him. I love how he just has certain looks he gives you, like there's this one look and me and my sisters all know which one it is without describing it and he always gives you it when you're being a bit cheeky and I love it. It makes me laugh so much.
Big John's just great he's given me so much, and I guess I just wanted to gush about how mint he is and how much I love him since it's fathers day and I never really tell him and I know today the internet is going to be filled with people saying how much they love their dad so I thought why not spread the love for mine since he's mint.

Love ya John, thank you for supporting me and taking me to all the mint gigs and festivals. I don't even know if you read my blog but if you do, you're mint and I apologise for some horrific photos I tried to pick the best ones but most of them I look ridiculously emo and you look sick of your life haha.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

#BridgesFW Preview.

I'm a little bit late posting this because I'm a rubbish blogger, I do apologise for this. However life sort of got in the way once again. Last Thursday though I was invited along to Sunderland Bridges for their Fashion Weekend Preview and it was fab. 

Sadly the fashion weekend ended on Sunday so it is no longer available to watch but from the preview I can tell you it was amazing. I normally feel as if catwalks and fashion shows after a while can feel a little bit samey. This however oh my god it was amazing! It was so energetic and fun, the models danced their way down the catwalk and they looked amazing! It was great to see how pieces look on the body from all angles and while dancing! One of my biggest worries is how will something look if I bend down or move a certain way after Thursdays show I have zero issue with this.

Funnily enough I found myself inspired to take some steps out of my comfort zone and try some new things after the show. Like those Red trousers in the first photo from Topshop! How lush are those?! I'd never wear Red trousers I'd look at them and be like nah, but after seeing how they fall and move I'm in love I need a pair! The fluffy shoes as well, I have no idea what I'd wear them with since I live in Black but they are beaut. I'd never want to take them off!

What I took away from the Fashion preview was be brave and try things on in store because it may look a bit shitty on the hanger but they sit so differently when you actually wear them. It's also made me want to start trying more bold options and I'm so excited to give my wardrobe a revamp this Summer. The show may be over but keep your eyes peeled for future events at the Bridges because they are not to be missed!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

May The Fourth Be With You 2017.

May fourth is like one of my favourite holidays, it gives me an excuse to wear one of my many items of Star Wars clothing (not that I need any excuse but still) and its the perfect day to binge the movies. This year I don't really have time to binge any of the films as I've been at work this morning then this evening I'll be attending Sunderland's The Bridges Fashion Week preview so there is literally zero time to watch any Star Wars however I'm wearing this beaut of a dress.

I've actually only ever worn this dress out once and that was in Disneyland, I absolutely love it though I just feel like I can't wear a dress covered in Droids just for a trip to the pub or shopping. The second I saw the dress I knew I needed it, I love the print so much I feel like its pretty subtle and I love how it's black cause it means I can wear it waay more than I can my R2 one which is kinda difficult to wear normally haha. I haven't really got much to say about the outfit apart from it make me feel pretty adorable. The dress is from Forever 21 and my jacket is newlook and the most adorable bb8 necklace is ClosetGeek I'm honestly just so in love with everything I'm wearing and having May Fourth to wear it all at once makes me super happy.

I feel like there is way more I can say about Star Wars but I don't really think anyone wants to hear me ramble about it for hours haha. Hope you're all having a fab May Fourth if you've got any Star Wars related posts please link me cause I'd love to read them! 

Kloe. x