Saturday, 24 February 2018

Some Quiet Time.

So you may have noticed things have been super quiet on here recently, it was a little intentional but at the same time not. Its been months since I last posted and I keep thinking about blogging but I just haven't had time I've been swamped with work and mega exhausted it honestly feels like I haven't had a moment to spare to blog. I have so much to share though, I had a few days in London in January and ate some of the most amazing food which I have got to share with you all, I've also got a ton of book reviews to share, I'm smashing my good reads challenge this year I set a goal of 30 and currently I'm on 15. I also wanna finish sharing my Disney posts with you because I love the photos I took, I'm really falling back in love with photography. 
Recently my Granda gave me his old DSLR as he doesn't use it much and its now too heavy for him for regular use, I haven't had a DSLR since around 2009 I've got my bridge and I live for it. This means I've been learning to use a camera again essentially, playing with lighting and subjects has been so much fun although it is so hard to take photos of the cats with it since they move way too much haha. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photos I've taken while playing around with it. 
My favourites are from when we had some really heavy snow a few weeks back and the cats went out for a little play. I love paw prints in the snow and Fleurs confused look because its so cold, I also love the one of the river near mine it looked so pretty in the snow. 

Basically I just miss blogging and sharing insight into my life and the things I'm doing, I miss sharing photos mostly. I take so many photos and don't share them, I'm not really sure what direction my blog is going to take but I miss writing and sharing photos so I expect its mostly going to be photos with a few words but I'm happy with that. 

Leave your recent posts in the comments also because I miss reading blogs too and want to catch up! Kloe x

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Disneyland Diary, Day 2. Paris by Bus!

With have 4 nights booked at Disney we decided we had more than enough time to fully explore Paris, last year we spent 3/4 hours in the city with all our luggage before heading to the parks so this time we decided to check in first to make it easier. Getting to Paris from the parks is super easy, Chessy station is on site and you can get the RER easy enough and then swap to the Metro, these are a lot easier to navigate than expected. We'd booked a bus tour around Paris with the Big Bus Tour paris, which was so worth it! Like really good value around £25 for the day ticket with hop on and off meaning it was a whole lot easier than trying to navigate all the sights by metro. We decided to start our tour at the Eiffel Tower as we figured it would be the easiest place to find to join haha. It is also mega hard to get a good photo in front of it you need to be miles away apparently but oh well. So began our Parisian adventure, a day we planned to stop at all the top attractions, eat all the pastries and drink all the hot chocolate. 
 We couldn't have picked a better day for our day trip if I'm honest, the weather was absolutely beautiful a little cold a top of the bus like with the wind but still so beautiful.  We decided our first stop would be the Louvre as we wanted to have a quick look around it but we saw the bus stop in front of a Lindt shop and that was us off for a look around. We then decided it might be easy to walk to the Louvre from where we were as there was only two more bus stops before it. This led us to looking in many patisserie windows and getting lost several times before accepting defeat and turning back to the bus stop and getting back on till the Louvre which is why the real fun began.
Here's a tip if you wanna see the Louvre, clear your entire day for it because we planning on spending like an hour in there and spent just over 4 in the end and did 28k steps. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved what I saw of the Louvre but Jesus Christ guys before you go study some maps of it and make a plan or you'll end up walking up and down the same corridor a million times and wanting to cry because you just want to find a cafe and eat haha. Seriously though, I'd go back in a heart beat, I'd love to have the entire day to stroll around and take everything in, we missed so much like I didn't realise how big it was, I absolutely loved the Egyptian and Greek sections though. Once we'd finally made our way to the Mona Lisa which in my opinion wasn't that impressive up close and properly hard to get to like worse than trying to get to the front at a Slipknot gig man. Like full on brutal. We decided to leave the Louvre, this is also mega hard to do as the place is massive and it gets mega confusing but we finally made it out to find the bus tour only had an hour left before it finished, it was starting to get dark and we were starving. So we headed to the nearest cafe which was called Corona which was not the place we originally planned to visit but it hit the spot. After eating all the baguettes ever we headed back to Disneyland via the metro to meet Sam and Josh and just chill in the parks which was a wonderful way to end the longest day my legs have ever had haha. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Disney Diary 2017, Day 1.

This year we decided to head straight to the hotel using the Magical Shuttle service unlike last year where we headed into Paris from CDG and made our own way there on the train. I could not recommend using the shuttle service enough, it was so easy to get to the parks using it and super quick although it did take us like an hour to find it as CDG is a fucking maze. We rushed straight into the hotel though and got our room sorted as quick as possible, we had a Texas suite at the Cheyenne which was the cutest hotel I've ever stayed in. I loved the theme, so much western and Toy Story I love how much detail goes into even the 'budget' hotels at Disney. I have to say for a hotel that is having a lot of work done on it we didn't feel inconvenienced at all, we got breakfast vouchers for a few mornings of our stay for in the parks which was fab as it was a nice change and the staff were ever so friendly, I'd love to stay in this hotel again it's definitely now my favourite Disney one.
Our first stop once we'd taken in sights of Main Street and the castle was Discoveryland which is probably my joint favourite land (obvs with Frontierland) I was so excited to see Star Tours without all the boards. I was even more excited to ride it, sadly I only rode it once and probably wont ever again because I have never felt motion sickness like it, even though I loved the scenario and the entire ride set up it made me feel so ill which broke my heart. We also rode the newly done  Hyper Space Mountain and of course had to sing the Star Wars music. To conclude our little Star Wars time in the park, of course it had to be the Sunday while I had all my R2 clothes on we headed to Cafe Hyperion for Yoda Cupcakes which were soooo good, I wish I'd eaten more of these on the trip tbh. The chocolate brownie was so rich and dense and the frosting was just lush. Like I need to go back just for one of these if I'm honest.
Once we felt refueled we headed off to Frontierland which was looking even more beautiful than usual with all the Halloween decorations. I swear this land just has my heart it is perfect. After a good wander and riding The Phantom Manor which is like one of the best rides ever we checked the app to see what was free and noticed Buzz had a small queue and pretty much ran there. I've wanted to ride Buzz since opened and it's been closed every time I've been! So I was properly excited when I saw a queue time of 25 minutes haha.
As you can see I was far too excited about riding Buzz Lightyear, like way too excited aha. It was so worth the years I've waited though, I love everything about Toy Story so this has to be one of the best rides I've done at Disney I'm so happy we got a photopass for this trip, it was so worth even if it was just for the photos on this ride the concentration on our faces is ridiculous. 
Finally we did a bit of shopping which meant I got myself a replacement set of Han and Leia pins as I lost Han and a Porgs mug which is the best thing ever, along with a couple of gifts, before we headed to Fuente Del Oro for Fajitas and Churros. We skipped the fire works and headed back to the hotel fairly early as we were exhausted and really needed our bed. I love the first day of a Disney trip you just feel so happy when you see the castle and you can't help but get excited about every single thing and I love that feeling you get while walking down Main Street, I had so much anxiety about this trip but a lot of it disappeared when I saw the castle and Main Street and it was like all my problems no longer existed as I was in Disney and I love that about the place, it's like a happy place you can just go to and be in a little bubble and real life just doesn't effect you there most of the time. 

I can't wait to share the rest of my trip with you, I'm properly proud of my photos from the trip this time around so I'm super excited to share my favourites and what we got up to on here! Keep your eyes peeled for more. 

Kloe x