Sunday, 26 March 2017

Going Through The Motions.

You may have noticed I've been super quiet on here, not posting since the very start of the year really I haven't posted that much on most of my social media compared to usual. I don't really have any reason for this aside from the fact I fell out of love with blogging. I no longer felt inspired I felt like my content wasn't good enough I felt like there was no point me writing anymore 'cause what I was writing was rubbish, I hated my photos and every time I took outfit photos I wanted to cry. Instead of actually writing I spent my time over analysing every inch of my photos especially out fit ones picking faults with how I looked deleting them all ridiculously unhappy with how clothes look on me. I won't lie I still sorta feel like this but being back at the gym 4 times a week and cutting down on rubbish foods is helping me out but still it could be a while till we have full body outfit shots haha. As for blogging itself I just felt like I was going through the motions I was just writing for the sake of writing with no enthusiasm or anything which resulted in posts I wasn't happy with.

Today however I was laid in the bath last night and I just felt so inspired to pick up my camera and start taking photos again and to start writing about my life again. I have so many exciting things coming up, I have trips and gigs and so much Disney planning to write about. I also miss writing about food, I've cooked loads recently and tried so many new places I just want to start sharing these things with you all again. I feel well and truly inspired and I'm so excited to be back and start sharing my life again, over the next few weeks though I'll make sure you're all up to date with my life 'cause I've done quite a bit in the past 3 months! 

Of course with not blogging I haven't caught up on any blogs so if you've wrote anything recently please do share a link 'cause I miss reading blogs too! Here's to being back in the blogosphere I'm excited to be back, my photography and writing is going to be a little rusty but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it again!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Reflecting on 2016

I've been trying to write this blog post for a few days, trying to figure out how to put 2016 into words. It was a funny old year, I mean in general it brought around Brexit, Trump being voted as president and a ton of celebrity deaths some of which broke my heart all of which have made it very odd to start with.  Personally though it's been weird, there were a few points where I felt so lost and down it was awful, there were health scares and illness and a little bit of depression but as bad as some of it was the good things really overshadow them.

The first few months of 2016 were a little hit and miss to be honest not a lot happened. I moved house, I turned 22 and that was pretty much it until May. May was the start of things going uphill and downhill at the same time. I had Slam dunk festival and nights out with my best friends but my granda got ill, then came the summer which was spent waiting for news about my granda while planning festivals and trips with my friends. It was weird having things to be happy and excited about like passing my theory test and booking my practical test, going to Leeds festival and of course booking Disneyland all the while being a bit of an internal emotional worried mess over my family.  

I did get to spend a hell of a lot of time with my friends and family in 2016 which was one of my goals. I made sure I saw them at least once a month and it was lush, I kept up with uni friends as well which was nice. Mostly though, the best bits of 2016 came in November and December which is typical having to wait all year for the good bits! Haha. In November me and Abbey finally went to Disneyland Paris after wanting to go since our first year of uni and it was honestly the best trip ever, I can't wait to book up to go back again this year! The week after I got back from Disneyland I had two gigs with my friend Lewis we saw Piece the veil and then Biffy Clyro both were amazing. Especially Biffy I got a drum stick and we were at the barrier and it was just an unreal show, a few days after Biffy I went to Edinburgh for the night with my sister which was super fun. Another few days later I passed my driving test! My driving test was something I never thought I'd achieve especially not this year, my anxiety was ridiculous, luckily I finally got some medication and I was able to relax enough to sit a test and pass which was mental, then somehow a few days later I got myself a car. Mental or what. Like I still can't believe all that happened in the space of a month, I feel so ridiculously lucky and grateful.

Looking forward at 2017 there's not a whole lot I'm aiming to achieve. I'd very much like a lose a little bit of weight and tone right up, I'd love to add a few tattoos to my body and finally try a yoga class. I'm also aiming to get a more sleep, I physically can't survive much longer on only 4/5 hours a night haha. I'd love to do more travelling if I can afford it mostly though I plan on enjoying it, I feel like I spent way too much of 2016 worrying and stressing and I would just love to be more relaxed this year so fingers crossed I manage it.
So there we have it, I'm backing writing rubbish on the internet and I plan on sticking to my 2 posts a week minimum this year. I'm really excited to get my blog up and running properly again along with whatever else 2017 brings. I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas break and that 2017 brings what you want! Feel free to share you goals for the year I'd love to hear them!
Kloe. x

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Disneyland Paris Trip Diary pt2.

I'm super sad that this is my final Disneyland related post, day Two was probably my favourite day to be fair. We got up super early to make the most of our extra magic hours since this was our only full day in the parks, I absolutely loved how quiet it was before 10. It's definitely the best time to get some photos, we ended up spending a few hours wandering the main park and giving Space Mountain a ride. Space Mountain is my second favourite roller-coaster in Disneyland, Abbey had never been on and the photos one of my favourites we both look hilarious screaming and laughing. We pretty much got around the majority of the rides we wanted to on the Monday morning so headed to the Walt Disney Studios and you should have seen my little face I think it was the most excited I was the entire trip. 
You have to understand Toy Story is one of my all time favourite films EVER and I love Monsters Inc. so bad so I got a little bit excited in the studios. The Toy Story Land had so many photo ops and I loved the little details like the RC ride has a Dinoco petrol station and the monkeys were all linked together making a chain and I absolutely loved it. The RC ride was one of my favourites I wish I'd rode it more than once. Once I'd finished taking hundreds of photos we headed to the Studio Tram Tour which was so much fun I don't want to ruin what happens but it's definitely worth going on I was shocked by a few of the effects and might have screamed at one point haha. I kept considering the Tower of Terror but Abbey isn't a fan of rides like that so I was unsure I was brave enough to go it alone in the end I did it Tuesday morning before we left and I won't lie I shit it. Fairly sure I almost wee'd myself I was that scared when the doors opened at the top and I saw out across the parks and the drop oh my god I don't think I've ever screamed so loud in my life. 
We left the parks about lunch time since that was plenty of time for us to ride all the rides we wanted to. Like typical brits we headed to maccies for lunch cause you can't beat a maccies abroad, we then spent a while in the village they have some really good stores and accidentally spent a small fortune aha. Of course headed back to the parks and spend our afternoon on rides and shopping, before spending our night at Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon since their buffet was amazing. Unlimited fajitas is actually the dream they tasted so good, they had a cheese platter too, we ended with cocktails at Planet Hollywood before heading to bed. We woke Tuesday super sad and unhappy to leave but we made the most of our last few hours in the park and just managed to squeeze everything into our case bringing back like 10kg more than we left with hahaha. 

I can't wait to plan another Disney trip, they're just so much fun you can't even feel the slightest bit sad there. Like you forget about everything else in life and it's amazing. I also apologise again for a super photo heavy post but I couldn't help it! Haha.
Kloe. x