Friday, 24 August 2012

People are strange when you're a stranger..

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates and posts but life has been a little busy and a little boring recently. I've pretty much been having family time and wasting the days reading and listening to the Doors as you can tell from the title post.
So here is my weekly update, as you can tell we've had the most wonderful British Summer time, I've had a great time living in my rain coat instead of a bikini! Not. Well actually that's a lie I actually love wearing my rain coat but I also love the warm weather so it better make another appearance soon!
This is the raincoat, I love it so much got it in Topshop in June for Download Festival and everyone told me it was a silly idea and now look who's laughing and staying dry! Me! Ha!
Friday I baked my signature Chocolate Fudge Cake, my family and family friends request this quite a lot but apparently the only people I'd never made one for was my dad and Karen! So with it being Karen's birthday I decided to bake her one and an extra one for me and John too! It's a seriously yummy cake! It can only be eaten warm though!
This was the final cake! I'll post the recipe later on.
Saturday was spent at my dads house with my sisters the one above is Annabel, I couldn't get any of Eleanor she's 10 and going through that 'I'm not having my photo took, I'm not having family time!' stage in life you usually have when you hit 13+

We ate our slices of cake with icecream, it's so good seriously although that sounds extremely big headed haha.
This cutie is my pet Ferret when it's dry weather we put her in the run and she's so cute I could just eat her! John doesn't like her though which is a shame. Sunday I went to John's house and went in search of his cat, Mario had gone missing! Been gone two nights we did find him in the end though, poor thing was soaked and scared!
The poor baby that didn't stop him going out again on Wednesday night and bringing a mouse in and letting in loose and then going back out! John still hasn't caught the mouse but Mario has got his paw trapped in a mouse trap the silly begger! Monday was wasted in bed and when I did get out it was to get ready to go to the pub for drinks and tea with Blaney Row. It was a nice night actually we ate and had good conversation, we got onto the topic of books and I mentioned 'Haunted' by Chuck Palahniuk the book is fantastic by the way, I really enjoyed it. Anyway I mentioned the chapter 'Guts' you may have heard about this, if not I'd google it but only if you have a somewhat strong stomach it is a little sickening. So all decided to read it and see who would come off worst, well Chris nearly past out so he's the winner! Haha it was a really funny night though. I look forward to the next time we all go for a pub tea.

Tuesday me and John took my cousins bowling, it would have been fun but it turns out I suck at bowling! So that's the end of that. Aside from bowling we took them for lunch and a wander around the Metro Centre and met up with my mam and sister for a little bit before we took them home. John had to work so my auntie and uncle asked me if I wanted to go for tea so of course I said yes. We ended up going to Whitley bay for fish and chips, they were so nice! We then had icecream and got caught in the rain. After that we went to look at a car, I may have found my perfect car £595 and insurance is only £1118! Its a three door like and it's blue but who cares if the insurance is that cheap!
Wednesday was my Avon delivery day which was a pleasant thing because I received £150 worth of free products! Some of which are no good for me since I don't have wrinkles or need any perfume but I was pleased to receive some free Argon Oil which I can't get enough of and some new sunglasses! But I also got the bag above, I ordered it for university and I'm in love with it! It's the perfect size for a book and a folder and loads more!

This is all I've lived in all week, my jeans and whatever top I found haha.
I honestly love these jeans so much, they could quite possibly be the best pair I've bought.
outfit: Jeans- Topshop, Top- Debenhams.
I have to tell you guys about this stuff, I have found it to be a life saver! Well hair saver! I have been dying my hair constantly since I was about 13/14 so that is 4-5 years. and I was bleaching it every 3 weeks for about 6months then I had a break and went black for about 3 years and then I went purple which meant bleaching it every 2 weeks for about 4 months until I went blonde again which was for 5months and then I went brown and then what happened? Three months later I was white blonde again! I'm not back to brown and have been for 3 months and I miss my blonde hair but I need to have healthy hair! So this stuff has been fantastic in helping. I've only been using it for just over a month and I can already feel the difference, my hair feels soft like baby hair and doesn't snap as easy, it doesn't feel dead at all! Well some tiny patches do but they feel better than they did! This stuff is sold through Avon, its Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and leave in oil. They are fantastic and I'm not just saying that because I'm a rep but because I now have soft shiny healthy looking hair instead of straw! I'm so happy, a definate recommend to anyone who has over dyed hair.
This are the Sun glasses Avon sent me, after my favourite River Island pair breaking these were a welcome surprise after having to buy a quick £1 replacement pair from Primark! I love the shape of the lenses and what makes them better is they're French Connection too.. 
I really like them, shame the Summer is almost over though!
Aside from all the exciting things happening I have been spending quality time with my Kindle, I never thought I'd love it or use it as much as I do. I mean I still buy paper backs and enjoy reading them but having my Kindle in my bag with my favourite books on or books I have yet to read is a great thing if I have an odd half hour to kill before my train or if I feel like reading on the bus. But recently I've been neglecting it due to lack of books, I only had 20 books mainly the free classics and a few random books. But then I went to Lewis' house.
And god bless Lewis. My Kindle is now filled with books! I now have all my favourites and others that I can't wait to read. Lewis has this magical hard drive full of books, I'm going to visit this weekend or next week hopefully to see what else I can add to my collection! He even put everything into collections by author! Lewis is a life saver honestly he's so lovely haha I'm going to miss him when he goes off to Uni, I'm sure I'll see him at Christmas though aha. If you're reading this HI LEWIS GET FACEBOOK! I know you sometimes check my blog n that haha..
I had no idea what to read first, an old favourite like Charlaine Harris, Stephen King of Philip Pullman or did I read something new? I decided to do both, I have discovered a love for Hobbits, well I've already read the first Lord Of the Rings but I decided to read the Hobbit before reading the next one. I have also been re-reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries and some Stephen King. and before you say it I know I have reviews to do! I'll do it Sunday night I promise!
And to end a pretty much pointless post here is a picture of my cat Oli, I love her to bits. Oh and before I leave you all I would like to share my good news! I'm currently being considered for a Scholarship at the University I'm attending in September! I hope I get one, I'm being considered because I show Academic Potential and considered as a 'High Achiever' which is fab. I'm currently waiting for them to check my household income with Student Finance England and then I'll know! I'm so pleased all my hard work has paid off! Anyhoo hope you all have a wonderful weekend
Cheerio .x

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