Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Highlands Wee Lassie!

So I am back from the Highlands! Well the West Coast of the highlands. It was an absolutely fantastic trip, absolutely beautiful. I had an amazing time, I mean we didn't do much apart from walk along the beaches and check out rock pools and watch the sunset and just talk but I had a really nice time. It really made me appreciate John, so much I'm considering dedicating a post about him since I haven't really introduced you lot to him. 

 The campsite was fantastic, there were mountains behind us and beaches in front. They also had heat controlled showers I was extremely happy and things only got better, free wifi and there is a hair dryer in the toilet block! Not to mention a laundry facility! £14 for 2 people in 1 tent per night it was well worth it, if you're interested check here -
The staff were extremely helpful and so cheerful, I was called Wee Lassie on countless occasions but I don't mind. 

The beach was under a five minute walk from the campsite you came out of the gate and walked this little path and you were here. It was just beautiful, were definitely going back. 
This beach here was just stunning, this was just outside of Mallaig which is a lovely little village/town on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. I have some photos further on in the post of it. 

Seriously, who needs Spain when you have beaches like this in Scotland? Plus 30 degrees weather! 
(both bikini and playsuit from Primark.)

The water here was just so clear and warm it was unbelievable, if I didn't know better I'd have thought I was somewhere tropical with the heat and white sands and the fish swimming between my toes!

As you can see I got a rather good tan from the trip, this was the second day there Thursday and I already had a sun burnt nose which as we speak is peeling! Yuck.

This was on site, we went up to camp Thursday afternoon when the beaches got a little chilly and we were sat reading since pretty much everyone else was on the beach the site was silent. We hear a rustling noise and out pops a bunny rabbit! After that loads of them were popping in and out to say hello.

Each night we sat and watched the sunset, I wish I could tell you it was extremely romantic and we lay in each others arms whispering sweet nothings to each other but no we pretty much jumped around rock pools climbed rocks and sat down occasionally to appreciate the sunset then moved on again. 

On Friday it was Kelvin's funeral, which I was unable to attend so as a way of showing my respects I was going to set off a lantern but I couldn't find any in the little villages so I thought oh I'll send a message in a bottle but nope its classed as littering so I did this instead and wrote a nice message and posted it on fb so his family / close friends could see I wasn't being disrespectful and such. But Friday I got sunburnt all over especially my feet which hurt so bad and I got bitten to death by midges, so I think Kel was getting his own back for me not going to the funeral haha. Rip Kel deary you'llbe missed. x

If these photos don't make you want to visit you must be mad! I mean we even saw a wild seal! Haha.

Oh and we found nessie! John got me him as a treat, it was the one thing I wanted as a keepsake from the trip.
This was my favourite part of the Sunset, the sky over the mountains, it was just beautiful. 

These are both 'out of the car  window shots whilst John drives' we just wanted to get home on Saturday since we were tired and such so we didn't stop to take photos haha just took them through the windows!

The drive through the Highlands was just impressive, I can't wait to go back!

These were the first day I have no idea why they haven't gone in the right order but oh well.

Our dinner for like 3 nights, Sausages, beans and bacon butties!

I can't stress how beautiful these beaches were seriously, the photos don't even do them justice.
This is Mallaig, whilst in the village we bought midge repellent and had a wonderful cup of tea and the nicest shortbread ever in the Tea Garden, which if you're in the area is worth a visit, the d├ęcor is wonderful. The shortbread though is just oh just so good.

This is down by some little river we found that ran into the Ocean which was nice, I ended up getting my feet eaten by 30852 fish! (top -Newlook, shorts -River Island, bikini -Primark, bag-Topshop.)

This is one of my favourite photos from the trip! I don't care that I look minging or squinty but I had just sat through a 5 hour car journey! But I love it because my name is Wallace and everywhere in Scotland someone is called Wallace and we found this amusing. Also look at my tan! Just from 4 days in Scotland!
(top -Bench, shorts -newlook, shoes -newlook.)
So that pretty much concludes the trip to Scotland, it was absolutely fantastic most of it was spent lounging around and just chatting and mucking around like children but it was fun. It's really what me and John needed.
I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's inspired you to take a trip to the Highlands x