Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Little Trip to York

 So since getting back from Scotland I haven't had much time to relax, I've been visiting my gran who's leg is finally better! She's all better! I'm so pleased, but in other news how beautiful is this flower she's grown? It's a Mexican Shell Flower they bloom for one day and then die! So pretty. 
Monday I was ill, turns out me and John at some dodgey food on Sunday night! Yuck so Monday I ate nothing but Dippy eggs and Soldiers! Which I successfully made for the first time. Tuesday John and I went to York since my mam had to go to a meeting we took her down and spent the day wandering around. 
I honestly love Baskin Robbins<3 Mint chocolate chip!

We popped into Betty's for some Macaroons<3 they tasted so good, photos to follow since we didn't eat them till we got back.

 We didn't do much just walk about, we did find this amazing little soap shop! Look at the window display!
At first I thought it was a cupcake shop! But its a hand made soap shop! I got myself a Rhubarb soap bar, it is lush!
Look at these candles! I wanted to buy them all, this is the store, its called Tonic they have an online store here too -

It was a lovely day just to wander about, it was absolutely boiling hot though and I have huge blisters! We also popped in the Railway museum to see the Hogwarts express before we left!

Excuse the poor quality photo but its on my phone and the room is a tip but it's John's not mine haha.
outfit (dress -Topshop, shoes -Peacocks, belt -Primark.)
 These are the Macaroons from Betty's, they were lush! Well worth it tasted just like Laduree for less!
We got Lemon, Raspberry and Chocolate. I love the Lemon ones.
So that is a little update! Oh I also got my letter from University! I start September the 24th and I'm so excited! But right now I'm going to have a bath and then play Sims 3 since I've juts re-installed it! I can honestly say I am addicted to Sims I love building houses and making families! Haha

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