Tuesday, 4 September 2012

General update, I've been a busy bee!

I'm back after a week or more of no posts, sorry guys I've been a very busy bee. Well somewhat. I've really just been preparing for University, Reading and preparing for my driving test! University is finally just over 3 weeks away! I'm so excited, I'm starting to get a little nervous though I mean I don't drink much since I'm poor haha and I'm not really a social butterfly so I'm worried about making friends. I'm sure I'll be fine though since I went to college not knowing anyone and came away with a wonderful boyfriend and several new friends.

So first of all have two wonderful photos of me, I took these last Monday night when we went out for tea and the pub as usual. This week though it was only me and the Watson's it was an enjoyable evening though, John finished work early and we headed to a 'house party' fair to say I will not be attending one again. It seems the staff at John's work really do not like me so no one spoke to me at this 'party' plus the only alcohol available was extremely cheap vodka, wine and larger! Yuck! But ah well I still got to spend the night with John so I can't complain too much. 
Outfit, Top RebelRebel, Jeans Topshop, Bracelets Pandora.
This was the best thing about Monday night I got a custom sundae! Yummy stuff. Vanilla Icecream with Fudge Icecream, Fudge sauce, Sprinkles and an Umbrella!
Tuesday I went to the Metro Centre with John to meet my mam and my sister, we went for a trip to the cinema. We choose to see the new Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn flick, The Watch. It wasn't too bad, nothing to rave about though, it had some hilarious parts but it wasn't exactly memorable really, it probably doesn't help that I was half asleep for most of it and felt ill. Once the film was over we had lunch at Frankie and Bennys followed by a trip to Topshop where I took the above photo of my outfit (Vest Primark, Skirt Topshop, Bag Next, Bracelets Pandora.) 
I got this beauty from Topshop, I've been lusting over it since I first saw it online the week before and John bought me it since he's wonderful. I am in love with it, I plan on doing a proper post about it, because I just love it and feel that the style is perfect for my shape! I just can't wait to wear it.
I have also booked my driving test! Eee! I'm nervous just 5 weeks! I hope I pass, I think I have a car. I paid a deposit and I'm meant to be picking it up Saturday if all goes to plan! Its a nice little blue Corsa! I can't wait to start practising in it with my dad haha, god I love him poor bloke went to see the car straight after a night shift! He'd just finished work bless him. I'll post photos after Saturday.
I've also spent this past week or so feeling rather ill and living in my pjs, I have come to the conclusion though it is every time I eat chips, no matter what oil they're cooked in or how they're cooked I just get a really upset stomach the next day so it looks like no chips for me! Which makes me a little sad since I love Gran Dot's home made chips with egg and sausage! I guess I'll have to have them once every two weeks. Oh well I guess it'll help me loose weight!
pjs Top Primark, Bottom David and Goliath.
I have also been buying for Uni, I only need stationary since I'm living at home. But I love stationary shopping seriously I get so excited haha, I also had to get some new memory cards for my camera which explains the awful quality of these photos since my memory card snapped! Gutted wasn't the word, thank god I had took all my photos off it.
I've also been lounging about with the Kitty Cats, Oli above and Mario below. I love the cats I do. So cute bless them.
And before I leave you here is a quick snap of me in my new dress, I am seriously in love.Thanks John!
I must go now though, I promise not to neglect you for longer than 2 days from now on, I've felt a little detached if I'm honest sort of missing writing on here. I hope everyone has enjoyed their last week of the holidays before back to school and everyone starting uni this week good luck please give me some tips!
Bye, Kloe x

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