Sunday, 9 September 2012

Insta catch up #1

7 photos from the week of the things that I have loved.
This is the first post for this feature so I hope you guys like it because I think I might make it a regular thing since its a nice way to re-cap the week with favourite photos from it.

1. I bought a car! This is my little car I love it, I can't wait to pass my test now.
2. This hedgehog has been wandering around my estate recently living on our lawn then moving across the road. I've loved hedgehogs ever since my mam bought me my Mrs TiggyWinkle.
3. Whitby Rock! I love trips to the seaside and this weather this week has been perfect for them.
4. My Kindle I love it, its like my baby it goes everywhere with me and I cannot for the life of me put it down!
5. Lemon Tops, best thing about the summer.
6. John, I love John dearly but I wish we could spend more time together.
7. Birthday cake! Happy birthday to my little sister for Tuesday 16 at last! 

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