Monday, 17 September 2012

Insta catch up #2

Hello! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend I know I had a rather enjoyable one. I know I haven't been around much but its exactly one week until I enrol at uni and I've been rather busy so I apologise I have a couple of posts scheduled and I promise to be up to date by the end of today. Its currently 7am and I'm half asleep whilst typing this, I'm up so early so I can get into a routine although I'll have to be up at 6am to get to Uni for 9. On a plus though hopefully I'll pass my test on the 8th and be able to drive myself there instead of getting two buses and sitting about in Durham for half an hour. Anyway shall I begin?
Well for starters there are 8 things but I couldn't choose 7 so ssshhh. 

1. Waffles for breakfast lunch and dinner. I love Waffles seriously good pick me up food. I've had so many waffles this week.
2. Me & John at Emilia's birthday meal, I love him to bits.
3. Emilia's Krispy Kreme Birthday Doughnut tower I made for her since she doesn't like cake. Who doesn't like cake seriously?
4. Me, look at my body! I've lost weight I look good! Seriously I was so pleased.
5. Pet Lamb Patisserie is my new favourite place to buy cupcakes, this Salted Caramel one was absolutely lush! Find them here (
6. Dominos Pizza! Seriously love a good Dominos on Friday I went to see Jenni to give her, her Avon order and ended up getting Beth and Jenni's brother, ordering a Dominos and visiting Jenni's new house! Fab night.
7. The 'tea drinking crew' these are my best friends and we all said goodbye on Wednesday before they left for uni. Rather upset. 
8. Jenni's new bed in her new house. Me and Beth didn't want to leave the sheets were lush so soft. Take me back!

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