Monday, 17 September 2012

Pet Lamb Patisserie.

Due to it being National Cupcake week I thought I'd share my new favourite place with you all. It is now my favourite place to buy cupcakes I've been twice this past week and plan on making a stop by tomorrow on my way to Johns if I have enough money since I'm broke at the moment.
Pet Lamb Patisserie was founded in 2009 by Two friends 'with an unrelenting ache to bake'. They use only the finest locally sourced ingredients in their cakes and are based in Newcastle. You can find the store which is super cute at unit 165 Grainger Market in Newcastle.
Once I found the shop I couldn't decide which cakes to pick so with the help of John we decided to get a box of 4 for £5. Good idea too because they were delicious. I didn't get to take many photos or really any very good photos because John was nagging at me to just eat them.
I picked Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate, White Chocolate and Salted Caramel.
Salted Caramel this one was my favourite moist sponge with a wonderful frosting which I decided was better spread onto the cupcake so that I wouldn't lose half of it. The middle of the cupcake holds a wonderful liquid caramel that tastes heavenly. No word of a lie my mouth is almost watering at the thought of it, it was the nicest cupcake ever.

Milk chocolate cupcake, John enjoyed this one best. I didn't mind it but I'm not a huge lover of chocolate cake I prefer them with a bit of fudge in the centre or something. John said it was nice, a moist cake but it could have done with some sauce or something he said.
White chocolate, now this was very nice it reminded me of White chocolate cookies. The frosting was a little sickly but it was still really nice. Little white chocolate chunks are in the cake mix and it tastes wonderful.
Last but not least the Ferrero Rocher Emilia loved this one as did my mam. A moist chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate frosting and a sprinkling of nuts. The middle held a chocolate filling like that of Ferrero Rocher. My mam and Emilia just can't get enough and want more of them!

I hope I haven't made your mouth water and if I have I hope you check the shop out seriously the cakes are to die for! So many choices you'll be stuck. Oh did I mention they bake them fresh daily? Want to know more :
and here
Enjoy your cupcakes and let me know what you think. Happy national Cupcake week everyone! Hope you eat loads of Cupcakes, I know I will.

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