Monday, 17 September 2012

Sweet Sixteen.

On Tuesday my sister turned 16 at last, she's been waiting for it for what seems a lifetime! Now she just wants to be 18. Happy birthday Emilia!
I bought her a fab onsie from Avon its Hello Kitty! It even has ears! She loved it, anyway on Saturday we went for a family meal to Pizza hut because you know everyone loves pizza. Here's a few photos from the day I was going to include more but I decided I wasn't uploading photos of my little cousins and my mam haha.
This is miss Ellie Emilia's best friend she's lovely like a third sister really.
Granda taking photos of the 'cake' whilst Emilia is mortified that we sang to her in the middle of pizza hut!

The tour its self.

Me and Gran Dot, I can honestly say I love Gran Dot far too much! I'd do anything for her, also now I'm getting older I think I'm starting to look more like her a little.

So those are a few snaps of Emilia's birthday meal, it was a lovely day. To end the post have a lovely photo of me and John. Oh also what do you think of my new hair? I dyed it, in some places its red others brown and some bits still have a blonde tinge! Oh no.

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