Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Little things and life as of late..

Hello there! How're you all doing? Fine I hope. I've been busy once again, I've found Wednesdays to be fairly quiet so I've decided to write all my blog posts then and schedule them so I'm not absent so much! So what has happened since last wednesday? Well not that much really. University seems to be taking up most of my life! So far I enjoy it but the days are long and the buses take forever and don't turn up on time and I'm not really learning anything new. 

(Outfit, Jumper Dress George at Asda, Tights Primark, Boots Newlook, Necklace Vintage.) 
Friday was an absolute nightmare it took forever to get into Uni because there was flooding and then it took forever to get home too and the last lecture just took the mick didn't learn a single thing new, let me tell you Mosh is my least favourite lecturer. Saturday was a good day though, I went up Johns for what was meant to be a BBQ but turned into a curry night! 

 This is out the back of John's house on Saturday, its absolutely lush. So Saturday was spent in the community garden drinking and merrymaking, it was so nice we had a small bonfire going and I don't really like curry so I got pizza. We ended up staying out until 1, the guitar came out and everyone was merry but freezing, it was really nice. Sunday was spent lazing about in bed eating chocolate, really nice. 

So what have I got lined up for this week? A couple of recipes today me and my gran ended up making 4 different pastry based goods, I have another book review on the way and a review on what I believe is the perfect parka. I hope this keeps you satisfied until I can next find time to blog! Hope you're all well. 

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