Sunday, 7 October 2012

Living life in a blur! Weekly catch up #3

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well! I apologise for being MIA for so long! I've been so busy with Uni and trying to find a balance between going to Uni and getting home and seeing people and then sleeping. So what have I been up to since we last spoke? 
1. Early morning starts, strangely I love them but it means I chuck anything on and can't even be bothered to brush my hair never mind style it to be honest!
2. 10am starts mean a Starbucks breakfast with the girls, I was a little earlier than I should have been on thursday so whilst I waited I started to re-read Lord of the Rings in prep for the Hobbit! I had a Chocolate Muffin and a cup of Tea. Perfect start to a long day of lectures. I even got free Shortbread! Yey.
3. I got really excited on Tuesday because Greggs have the Halloween cupcakes in!
4. Since I wasn't in Wednesday and wasn't in till late Thursday I spent a few nights at Johns which resulted in lying in bed till 11am and living in his man city top.
5. When we'd eventually dragged ourselves from bed we went for lunch my treat since my Loan went in and then we went to the cinema to see the Campaign which was really funny, typical Will Ferrell really. I ended up getting a 3 scoop tub of B n J. Cookie Dough, Baked Alaska and good ole Vanilla. <3
6. Because I'm really soppy I got John this giant cookie as a treat.
7. I ended up buying a tablet, apparently the uni expected most people to have one. I did not so I had to go out and buy one, luckily it was on offer for £200 instead of £500! It's my new favourite toy. 
8. Harbios are the only thing that make extremely long lectures tolerable. 
9. I was dying for a wee on Tuesday when I was waiting for my busy so I popped into the cafe next to my stop and this was on the wall, it made me giggle.
10. 6am breakfast with the Kindle.
11. Pop tarts! I love pop tarts, I haven't eaten proper food really since starting uni I've been living off toast and pop tarts it appears.
12. I finally got my passport photos sorted so I can get a passport and a new photo if I pass my test on Monday!
13. Finally what I wore on my first day of Uni. Top and Jeans both from Topshop. 

So far I am loving university, I've met some lovely people who hopefully will be really good friends. The lectures so far are a bit boring but were pretty much going over what I've just done at college! I got my first assignment too, not due in until February! Aside from this I've got my driving test on Monday so I guess life is going good at the moment. I hope everyone is having a good weekend and I hope you all don't mind my lack of posting I do apologise. I hope everyone has a good weekend.
Oh before I go one thing about this week is I'm really missing my friends, especially lewis. He's the only one who seems to text back, Brandon texts back after 2752 hours and Sam isn't bothering. Lewis come home so we can bully people and drink tea and eat cake :'( I miss my friends. 

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