Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Insta catch up #3

Hello my lovelies I apologise for my absence these past few days again I have been busy with University and party planning and holiday planning and just seeing people really. Currently John and I are planning a holiday well two holidays perhaps 3 and then I am now planning a party for this weekend if all goes to plan I will be posting several recipes because I plan on making many halloween themed foods! 

1. Cocktails at lunch time in lloyds with the girls before an awful lecture by a lecturer I don't understand!
2. Choux Buns! I made many of these with Lesley (Johns ma.) So yummy!
3. My cat has a new obsession with boxes, she loves sleeping in them at the moment the little cutie.
4. The dog has also took up sleeping in new places such as on the couch in a sleeping bag!
5. Lunch at TGI Fridays on Sunday with John.
6. Early morning survival, Costa cuppa tea and a giant Bourbon. Perfection.
7. Mozzarella dippers at TGI's <3
8. Brunch at Lloyds, All day breakfast, I was starving.
9. Waitrose Flapjacks are amazing, perfect for a long bus ride, along with my new kindle case. So far this week I've read 80% of my book due to long bus journeys!
10. Toasted Marshmallows at Jenni's 21st birthday party.
11. Lanterns in the community garden for Jenni's 21st birthday bbq party.
12. Holiday planning!! So excited, France, London, Italy and Barcelona here we hopefully come! Just need to pop to the travel agents and start booking! 


  1. what a nice idea, i love it! <-

    1. Well thank you! I just think its the ideal way to keep people up to date with what's happening in life when you've been busy and unable to blog.