Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dear santa..

I've been awfully good this year so here is my little christmas list.
I've seen a lot of people doing this type of post so I thought why not? I love seeing what everyone else is asking for, so why not share my Christmas list? Plus John may see it and get a few hints since he'll have no idea what to buy me and I don't want to go with him to buy them hint hint! (All the links are there just click on through and buy ;) )
So this year I haven't asked for as much as I usually do but I already have my camera and my tablet which are part of Christmas so I've asked for the things that are usually my stocking fillers or extra gifts to my big ones plus I have no idea what to ask for cause I don't really need anything!
1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I've heard so much about this book, I placed it on my amazon wishlist months ago so I might as well ask for it for christmas, I love new reading material. Find it here at Waterstones.
2. I love Christmas because you get cute little stocking fillers and such and I always get a new mug, this year I'd very much like this one by Cath Kidston. I think its so cute and I love the box it comes in. Find it here at Cath Kidston.
3. Now I love quirky jewellery and this piece is amazing, I want it so much! I placed it on my 'student loan buys list' but it appears I spent more of my student loan on food and such then I expected! Ooops so I shall ask Santa for it. I really enjoy the Lord of the rings films and the books are amazing so please Santa! Get it here.

4. I'm a huge nerd, well geek actually I don't know which one it is but I love Chemistry, not as much as I love Biology but its extremely close. This top is pretty much perfect for me. Get it at Topshop.
5. I love tartan print and checks and I think they are perfect for this season, so when I saw this skirt I knew it was going on the list. Get it at Topshop.
6. I love Batman and want this Top so bad! I've wanted it for months but it keeps going out of stock in my size hopefully it'll come back in and I'll be able to get it. Find it here.

 7. Please someone stop me asking for sims! I love these games far too much, I take it all seriously build my house and family and give them careers and nice things I love it. I really need this expansion pack, I'll probably buy it before Christmas that's how much I want it! Amazon.
8.Desperate Housewives was my favourite tv show, when I finished I cried. I'd been watching it since season 1. The boxset is a must for my list but the price is a little steep so I doubt I'll get it although last year I asked for Sex and The City boxset and that was £100 then a few weeks before christmas I think we got it for £40! So hopefully the same will happen this year! Order it from HMV. 
9. Batman, oh how I love the batman films. I have them all even the awful ones from the 80s. Although  I do love Burton's Batman. So of course I must add the final batman to my collection and it can be pre-ordered here.
10. I know its been out quite a while but I haven't had a chance to buy it or download it yet so please Santa I'd like to read it. Find it here.
11. I love Gingerbread and Caramel and the smell of them is just devine. I love Bubble bath and soap and such that smell amazing and as soon as I saw this I wanted it. Caramel fudge soap who doesn't want that? Buy it from Boots. 
12. This adorable charm would look perfect on my bracelet, its so cute. Get it from the Pandora shop.

13. I think this ring is really cute and its just a nice gift to say I love you or just because. I think its lovely find it here.
14.I've wanted a Chakra bracelet for quite a while and this daisy one is my favourite. Find it at Daisy.
15. And lastly another Cath Kidston bag, I got one earlier this year for my birthday and I love it but what I'd really like is an across body one so its easier to carry. Get this one from Cath Kidston.

So I hope you feel a little inspired by my list of gifts I'd like to receive this year. What would you like for christmas? Or are you having trouble deciding? 

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