Thursday, 1 November 2012

Insta Catch up #4

Hello my lovelies! I hope you're all well, I feel like these 'weekly catch ups' are turning into them catch ups you have with old friends over a cup of tea when you haven't seen them for weeks! I guess I'm just so busy with university and catching up on sleep and seeing John and the family! 
1. Saturday night I had a 'halloween' party. It was just going to be a get together for me and a few friends but John decided that I should go themed so I made myself look nice and made loads of cakes and made the house look a little spooky, photos of that to come. I didn't ask for dress up though so I just made myself look nice.
2. John bought me a box of Krispy Kreme's just because I wanted the special Halloween box bless him.
3. Me and John.
4. My mam got me this bracelet since October was breast cancer awareness month. I love it.
5. This is my new favourite purchase, I got it in this adorable little jewellery shop in Middlesbrough.
6. Halloween Cupcakes from Saturday night.
7. Homemade Halloween Chocolate Fudge Graveyard Cake.
8. This photo is of John as a baby, how adorable is he?! I need him to grow his hair he'd be well lush.
9. Mine and John's pumpkins.
10. On Halloween, we took John's little french cousin and her friend trick or treating since their over for half term. (the friend only spoke french, I'm very limited in it so I didn't really speak to her.) But his french aunt and cousin seem really really nice.

1. Oli cat has found new places to sleep ie my bag.
2. Wearing my new favourite t-shirt one of John's old Man City ones. 
3. University lectures call for one thing, chocolate and sweets. No other way to sit through them.
4. We got snow last friday/saturday! Didn't last long though.
5. Porridge on a cold morning is the most perfect thing. 
6. Dreaming of a nice holiday, photo was took in Scotland during our trip in the summer.
7. Pizza for tea, the one actual meal I had last week that wasn't toast all home made by yours truly. 
8. Monday I was ill and threw up on the bus so to make me feel better john bought me a special issue of Empire Film and some chocolates.
9. More halloween cupcakes.
10. Book of the week, The Two Towers, J.R.R Tolkien. 

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