Saturday, 24 November 2012

Insta catch up #5

Hello my dears, grab a mug and make a cuppa. It's going to be a long one! How have you all been? This post is long over due but I've been ever so busy and when I have started to blog I've gotten half way through a post and have yet to finish it so I apologise. I do have a few posts to come though, one I started writing two weeks ago all because I fancied a change in my hair, so I thought I'd write a post on the history of my hair and all the colours its been and that also gives you a chance to get to know me better. I also have a post to write on my new camera! Oh its just fantastic and I have some long over due recipes and more. So I hope you don't mind but I'll be bombarding you over this next week with posts!
So what's been happening in my life? A lot but not all of it is interesting really and much of it is just the same old really so I thought I'd just do my usual catch up but expand them a little where I can :)
1. Bon fire night! I know it was weeks ago but ssh, I spent it with John's family in the community garden watching the little display they put on, it was lovely.
2. I won tickets to go an see Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie in Manchester next week thanks to the wonderful guys over at Scuzz Tv. Now if you like rock music but have never heard of Scuzz you need to head on over to Sky 374. 
3. Ben and Jerry's at 1am with John whilst catching up on The Walking Dead, we got the tub for free when we had a Dominos pizza the few days before.
4. Bon fire night again, playing with sparklers because I'm a child at heart. 
5. Dominos <3 serious love for this place. We seem to be ordering several pizzas and sides from there every couple of weeks it seems. 
6. Starting the Christmas shopping, well items for John. 
7. Christmas shopping! I have much more than this now, I just have to get my gran some slippers and a few little daft bits for John and something for my dad and I'm done!
8. My cat has took to sleeping in cardboard boxes instead of her actual bed, the silly thing but she does look rather cute.
9. Baking, I've done quite a bit of this recently, these are the start of my chocolate fudge filled cupcakes.
10. Ginger bread men I made the other week, they tasted rather good. 
11. Hello black hair! The hair is officially black and I love it! 
12. A Strawberry Daiquiri to celebrate me and John being together for 19 months, mad isn't it. We could have had two babies in that time! 
13. Starting reading Game of Thrones recently, I started it months and months ago but I put it down for an old favourite like I usually do but I've picked right back up where I left off so it's not too bad.
14. The finished chocolate fudge filled cupcakes, they went down a treat at uni, everyone ate them anyway so they must have been nice. 
15.The only reason I go to McDonalds, I love the little cornets! 
16. Coca Cola from a glass bottle, best thing ever. I recently took John to the American Diner in Fenwicks, its quite possibly one of the best places to visit for lunch. I'll do a review on it sometime when I go and can actually handle a dessert after my main course.  
17. Churros! <3 Last Sunday I took my mam out for a Mexican. 
18. Mine and Abbey's snacks for Friday afternoon Lectures. Seriously love my class at uni so much the girls are amazing. Whenever were together we can't stop laughing honestly love them to bits! We're trying to get a house together for next year 12 of us! I'm so excited I cannot wait, we've got two viewings this week. I'll let you guys know how it goes when we find out! 
19. Shona's birthday was on Tuesday so me and Abbey took her for lunch. 
20. How cute are these muffin's at costa for Christmas? I didn't want to eat the little gingerbread man! 
21. Mam's dessert from the Mexican a sundae apparently. I was disappointed by it. 
22. With Christmas around the corner and the harsh cold weather you can't help but buy the Christmas choccies to help you through the winter, to get you in the spirit of things and to add a nice layer of blubber to keep you warm ;) 

23. After months and months of 'what tree should I put up this year?' my mam has finally decided on the cream tree with Lime green decs to match the living room. We actually have 4/5 Christmas tree's each in different colours because my mam likes to co-ordinate with how the living room is decorated that year, we also have about 20 boxes of different colour schemed baubles.
24. The Christmas Coca Cola truck was at Asda the other day, me at John were so excited about it, honestly. 
25. Christmas bauble sorting before the tree went up, my mam was a bit late putting it up this year, she usually has it up by 10th of November. 
26. Cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie in Newcastle's Grainger market, the Salted Caramel one is to die for! I got a box of 4 to treat my Gran and Auntie since they'd been moving house all day. 
27. A photo of me thanks to Abbey from when we were in town the other day and I got a Crepe, I actually only go to the Christmas and Continental markets for Crepes and Waffles. Bring on France 2013 is what I say I'll be obese when I get back!
28. Hello Christmas pressie! My mam has bought me a replacement watch for the one that went missing, I got a beautiful fossil watch for my birthday and I put it away in it's box with all my other jewellery one night to get it the next to find it had disappeared. My room and John's room have been turned upside down and everywhere else and it's nowhere to be seen so my mam has bought me a new one. Sod's law though the missing one will turn up!
29. This is pretty much what the last week has consisted of. Laying in bed with John watching Game of Thrones and eating Chocolates.

I hope you all haven't missed me too much haha, I hope you're all well. I also hope you're not going to leave me due to lack of posting but I'm super busy I hope you all understand.
Have a great weekend guys :) 

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