Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas time...

Hello everyone, I know this is a little late but you know how the Christmas season is! Did you all have a good holiday? Was Santa good to you? He was very good to me! I've been meaning to do a Christmas post to share what I got with everyone! I love seeing what people get for Christmas and Birthday's and the such because I'm a really nosy person. I wasn't sure if I'd be thought of as braggy by showing my presents off but personally I really like seeing what people got so here it is. I hope you all like a peak at my christmas presents and I apologies if you're offended by this but I love seeing what people have got!
(Christmas day outfit above. Top; H&M, Skirt; Topshop, Watch; Fossil, Bracelets; Pandora.)

Above a mass poor quality photo of everything I got off my family. As you can tell I was well and truly spoilt. A few things which I didn't get a photo of before I put them away are in the photo above. I got loads of kitchen stuff; a cookie press, cupcake decorating kit, icing pen, cookie cutters, cake platters, cupcake stand,  cupcake chopping board and loads more. As you can see I get several items of clothing, a new camera and my tablet too but I got them before Christmas and my mam still owes me the money for them. I got a hat that looks like a cupcake for when I go skiing in march too I'm sure I'll stand out along with ski socks n tops and such.
So onto my favourites...

I got a new watch which is fantastic because my watch I got for my birthday went missing, couldn't be found anywhere. I love this one though. 

I have a slight obsession with Giraffes and my gran found this fella for me, how cute?

I also have a love for Gingerbread. The smell is divine. 
 Now christmas morning when I'd opened all my presents I wanted to cry, all I'd asked for was a waffle maker and no one could find me one anywhere. But thanks to the help of Chelsea I found one! I got the money off my mam for a jumper she'd got me that didn't look good on (too pink for me) and bought a waffle maker instead. Can't describe how happy I was.
Below my favourite perfumes ever, they smell so good. 

I finally own actually paper copies! I have the first three on my kindle but I wanted them in paper form. I'd definitely recommend them! Although I've only read the first one haha. 
John got me the adorable little guy on the end to join my other animals on my bracelet.
 I got two sets of make up off my mam the first was a benefit one, the dr feelgood stuff is fantastic and the eyeliner is to die for, the foundation I have yet to try, I may review it after tomorrow.
This was the second makeup set, I couldn't believe it. I almost cried ever since I was about 12 I've wanted a Chanel make up set, I used to love looking at the pallets and loving how they had the little interlocking c's on them. and now I finally own some. The lipstick is amazing, as for everything else I have yet to try it. I shall review once I have. 
 This baby here is my new Cath Kidston bag off John. It's perfect for uni, so many pouches and its so big. Plus I love the spots and the inside print is fab too. 

I also love my little Cath goodies too, a pocket mirror, a Stanley keyring, Rose lip gloss and some travel sweets.

To end have some wonderful photo's of me and John with our 'emergency mustaches'. I hope you all had a fab Christmas and enjoyed seeing what I got, what did you get? Have a similar post link me to it. :)
Enjoy the new year everyone!

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