Monday, 31 December 2012

Final 4 of 6 books of 2012..

1. Carrie - Stephen King
Carrie is the first published book by Stephen King and it took me years to read it. Although it wasn't a full on horror but more a thriller I would say. It follows the story of Carrie a girl whos constantly bullied but has telekenetic powers. The rest of the plot I will leave out since I'd just basically have to tell you the story although, I might be correct in thinking that the majority of you will have most likely either read it, read about it or seen the film. I read the book in about 10 hours, so its not really a thick volume that requires a lot of your time so I recommend it if you're looking for something to fill in time. I rather enjoyed the story and can't wait for the re-make due out next year!
2. The Northern Lights - Philip Pullman
This is a really old favourite  oh how I love the his Dark Materials Series and how the ruined them making the awful film known as the Golden Compass. The book is brilliant, I remember getting the series when I was about 11, I was amazed by the different world it was set in and the characters but at the same time it creeped me out. But I was in love the series and couldn't put them down, looking back I don't think they were childrens books but more young adult, some parts I didn't understand until I was older but it will always be one of my favourites. A great book for anyone into the fantasy genre, or anyone who fancies something a little different.
3. - The Dirt - Motley Crue
I'm probably extremely bias when it comes to this book because I love Motley Crue, they are in my top 5 favourite bands of all time. The book is a brilliant rock and roll autobiography filled with stories of sex tapes and drug dealing and taking and basic rock n roll life. Its the story of Motley Crue, I love it. There is so much drama in this book that you can't believe some of its true. Even if you're not a fan of the Crue but enjoy autobiographies this is one for you, take a look at the life of a rock band who were a real Motley bunch picking fights, doing drugs and having a hell of a good time in the 80s on wards  It's a great read, many people I've made read it have actually enjoyed it.
4. Sirens - Tom Reynolds
Sirens was the basis for the Channel 4 comedy series about paramedics. I bought this for John and I admit that I haven't read every single page or it from cover to cover but you don't have to. The book is full of short stories or snippets about day to day work a paramedic does. It's got funny bits and sad bits and bits that make you happy. It's light hearted and makes you realise how much paramedics do for people and how we don't give them enough acknowledgement, it also makes you think twice about dialing 999 when its not really a life or death situation. A great read if you want something that's different and real life and throws every emotion possible at you.

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