Monday, 10 December 2012

Insta catch up #6

Hello everyone! I know I have many posts left to post from my '12 books and films from 2012' but I promise to get them to you by Thursday, I'm not in uni much this week so I'll hopefully do it! Aside from that how is everyone? You all getting into the Christmas spirit? I am, I've been rather busy, so lets have a bit of a catch up shall we? 
1. Little Mario, Oh how I love this cat! Last Sunday was spent lounging around at John's snuggling with this cutie, with the fire blaring and the Christmas films on. <3
2. Marilyn Manson from the 27th, you can read about the show here.
3. Becca made cupcakes on Wednesday 28th for the girly night at Abbey's and hers. They were far too nice to eat. I still ate it though.
4 & 5. Shona's birthday cake! Shona was 20 so I made her a pretty cake.
6. Abbey's girly night.
7. Lazy day at the Freeman house.

8. Since seeing Rob Zombie the other week I have yet to stop listening to him! It appears my love for him is bigger than ever. 
9. This is what happens when Mel is still drunk from the night before at 3pm at uni and Abbey is just being Abbey. It was a rather enjoyable lecture, good thing I didn't actually need to pay attention. 
10. My favourite thing about staying at my dads house is his bath. It's huge and I can have many bubbles in it. 
11. SNOW! It's been snowing up North. No snow now like but hey ho I'm sure there will be more to come.
12. Starbucks Christmas cups. 
13. Packing to go to Manchester to visit Granny and Grandad Freeman and to have a little shopping trip too. 
14. My Meerkat arrived! At last. 

15. Me and John visited Giraffe on Friday, I loved it. I've been wanting to go for a while but the closest one is in Manchester so we decided we'd go this time. This was the Mango Mama Smoothie, absolutely delicious what made it better was it came with a cute Giraffe stirrer! I kept that. 
16. Manchester Christmas Markets! Oh how beautiful they were, this was on King Street near Cath Kidston. If you want to get in the Festive spirit go visit it. 
17. Yummy Dutch Waffle from the market. I destroyed this in a minute, it was so nice. 
18. Dessert at Giraffe Chocolate brown and Vanilla Icecream. The icecream was the best vanilla icecream ever! 
19. My main course at Giraffe, John had a burger surprise surprise and I got pasta. Shock horror, haha. This was seriously yummy though at first I was little worried I wouldn't like it. It's the Nacho Mac n Cheese which had a really gooey and stringy sauce with bits of spice roasted butternut squash and topped with tortillas and jack cheese. I'd never had Butternut squash before so I was worried I wouldn't like it, but it was so nice.
20. My train ticket, I got very excited because the man cut it out with a Christmas tree hole punch thing. 
21. £10 worth of Pic n Mix from the Christmas market! Destroyed these yesterday whilst watching the Manchester Derby. Shame City lost. 

Did you have a good weekend? Are you feeling Festive? I hope so. 

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  1. Hello! I really like your blog! It's very fun. I love the layout of the weekly catch up posts, what do you use to edit these?
    Look forward to reading more :)