Saturday, 5 January 2013

First haul post, what did I spend my Christmas money on?

So how's everyone doing after the new year? I unfortunately didn't get to go out like I was planning because I got that bloody virus that's been going about which is just my luck, my sister has it now and I'm trying to keep as far away from her as possible because I'm going out tonight and next week so I can't be ill again! So one of my resolutions was to blog more to this I have added that I'm going to do at least one outfit post a week and a haul post every 2 weeks, because I like reading those. Plus outfit posts might make me try and make more of an effort when I get dressed although I really loved my jeans and white graphic tees! Oh well.
This is going to be my first haul post I guess! What I bought with my Christmas money!

Since signing for the house I've been buying nothing but house things so I decided it was about time I got me some Cath Kidston goodies. In the sale I got these for just under £50 including the mug below! I got a Hanging shoe storage, a new bin, 2 underbed storage bags and a 'sweater' storage bag which is a smaller one.

Instead of using the hanging shoe storage for shoes I used it for my shorts, skirts, shirts and vest. It's brilliant it means I don't use as many hangers or have as many items of clothing folded in the bottom of my wardrobe!  Plus I can fit 5 pairs of shorts in one compartment! I used the storage bags for my uni folders and books to hide them and the smaller one was perfect for shoes. My only problem with them is online they look sturdy but they're quite flimsy really no support in them, if you get some I'd suggest using bulking items or attaching cardboard to the sides to keep them upright.

I took a quick trip into Durham to get a birthday card for John and a present and ended up coming back with this lush clutch bag from River Island down for £28 to £12! I'm going to sew a strap onto it tomorrow I also got these earrings and necklace too to go with my outfit for tonight. 

I have wanted a leather skirt for months, I got one online from Boohoo and have never seen something so awful in all my life when it arrived it was nothing like it looked online and never saw a nice one since. Until this beauty, I found it in newlook, only one left no price tag and a size 10. I was worried at first cause I have quite large hips but it fit and I cried with joy, and now I have a leather skirt and I'm a happy bunny!
Finally a quick trip to tesco where I got John a card , I treat myself to these super cute shoes for £5 in the sale and a day a page diary! I'm so excited about starting this, I've always wanted to write a diary since I first saw Bridget Jones. I'm really excited about it!
I hope you've enjoyed my first haul post, I'm sure I'll get the hang of them after a few. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love Cath Kidston! Lovely post xx

  2. Love the Kidston goodies!! Thanks for the follow, following you back now :) xxx

  3. oooh looks like you got some really lovely stuff :) I love cath kidston :) xx

  4. Hey, I’m loving your blog! Great post :)

    Come check me out –
    Much love, Ellie x

  5. lovely items from cath kidston! I always get a bit carried away when I walk into there, wanting to buy everything in site! I might have to have a peek at tesco's shoes/clothes now that I've seen your pumps! x