Thursday, 24 January 2013

Happy new haul post!

So sticking with one of my new years blogging resolutions here is another haul post! I've done quite a bit of spending this month several things have gone back though due to not looking like they did online, Boohoo I am looking at you! It seems everything I have bought from Boohoo recently just lacks in quality and looks nothing like it did online, which is disappointing! Not featured in this post though is my new dress, oh I'm in love with it, it hasn't arrived yet but I'm so excited for it to come. So shall we begin?
I'm an absolute sucker for graphic print tees, Urban Outfitters used to be my go-to place for them but these past few months I haven't found anything until I spotted this one above. From the Urban Outfitters brand Corner Shop, this is called Creep Show. Looking at it you can see why I liked it. It fits like a dream too, not tight but not too baggy, nice and slouchy. I got it in a medium but if I wanted it to be a tight fit a small would have been perfect, so if you want it to fit tight size down I'd say.
The second tee is from truffle shuffle, I've had my eye on it for months and now its finally mine, only problem is, its massive and there are no smalls left in stock. So it's going back sadly. but if you're interested get it here.
These shorts, oh my these shorts! I bought them yesterday on the most disastrous shopping trip of my life! Seriously, I bought these shorts came out of Topshop suddenly felt like I was going to pass out had something to eat/drink next thing I know I'm covered in sick and I'm sat with Eldon Square security who were trying to get me to be seen by a paramedic. Fun stuff, back to the shorts though, I've been looking for the perfect leather look shorts for almost a year and these were in the Topshop sale last pair in my size I wasn't expecting them to be such a nice fit as they are due to previous experience. These fit perfectly though I'm so happy with them, down to £10 in the sale and then student discount meant I got them for £8!
After hearing so much about this book, I decided to buy it, I have yet to read it but I'm really looking forward to it.
I had to share these with you! How pretty are those knickers? Seriously Primark actually have some really nice underwear and the bra is Primark too, similar to one I had my eye on from La Senza. Pants were £1.50-£2.00 I think and the bra was down to £5! I'm seriously in love with these pants though. Also the blanket I'm leaning them on has been a life saver, £4 from the Factory Shop its brilliant for these cold nights for some extra heat!
The HMV sale is fantastic, I got The HelpWe Need To Talk About Kevin21 Jump StreetFright Night all for £15! I'll write reviews on the films at some point. (I've linked to the wiki page so you can read what the films are about.) The Stand I got from Amazon, I've been meaning to buy it for ages since I love the book, the films 6 hours long though, so I'll have to take breaks between it!
I have also got myself some new shoes, down to £15 in the Schuh after Christmas sale, I'm in love with them. Unfortunately they're out of stock now in red but they do have them in navy and black.
I was pretty much sold when I realised they had teapots on.
Finally I treat myself to a new tattoo! It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I'm in love with it though. This was about 4 hours after it had been done, a tip for anyone getting a rib tattoo don't do it when the weather is cold do it in summer so while it heals you can show it off instead of getting it stuck to all your clothes/getting irritated by seams. I was really shocked by the lack of pain I felt from this tattoo as well, my shoulder hurt like a bitch but this one hurt much less. I got it down at Skins and Needles in Middlesbrough and I'm so happy with it!
*UPDATED* I realised I didn't even explain my tattoo to you! How silly am I? The Tattoo is my favourite out of my two. The reason I got this is simple, I'm a massive book worm/ book hoarder. I have in total almost 200 books, well I did last year when I counted them last. I've got so many I've had to put some in the loft and others under my bed since I simply haven't got enough room and I hate to chuck them out like my old favourites. My favourite author is Stephen King, I you may know this already though haha, so what better to get than a little stack of books and a wonderful Stephen King quote? The quote to me simply sums books up, I find myself completely ignorant to my surroundings when I'm reading and when I stop I feel slightly confused and then remember where I am! Haha odd really. I guess I just really love books.

So I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I've spent money on these past few weeks, I think all my purchases were justifiable because I was upset over John and these made me cheer up some. What do you usually spend your money on? Do you have a recent haul post? If so share it, I'm nosy and really enjoy these types of posts!


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! Followed
    I love that tattoo! So unique! Love it :-)
    Check out my blog sometime? xx

    1. Thank you! You've really made my day saying that, thanks so much haha. And thank you, I'm actually in love with it, only problem with it is, it hasn't healed yet! and sure I'll check it out right away :) xx