Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello everyone!

This is the face I'd be pulling if I was dressed and out of bed to get a photo. I'm taking yet another day off from University today, this gives me loads of time to do my assignment though. Unfortunately its not due to snow its due to illness, although we still have lots of snow! How is everyone doing?
I've got a few posts lined up including a new haul post, and I'm thinking of a little Friday feature which will include 'recently' which will be what I've recently read, listened to, watched etc that was my favourite of that week.
So what else is new?
I'm going to write a bucket list, I have half a bucket list but I have loads of things I want to do so I'm going to type them all up and make it a page on here! I've had a small bucket list for about a year now so I'm just going to add to!
I'm also thinking of a feature called what to do in the north east? Or where to visit in the North East of England? Because there are so many places to visit and I see loads of blogs talking about places to visit in London so why shouldn't we talk about the North too? I obviously can't do many of these now because its winter and I'm in uni loads until March but when I visit somewhere in the North I love I'll document it here for those who wish to find somewhere new!
So I hope you're all well and I'm officially back to blogging!

I also want to thank everyone who commented or sent me messages with support and advice the past week or two. I really appreciated it thank you so much. I'm sorry for not replying directly, I just felt like I didn't know what to say, but you're all a lovely bunch thank you so much! I love each and everyone of you! Haha

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