Friday, 4 January 2013

Liebster Award! Discover new blogs.

So up until about two hours ago, I had no idea what this was. From what I have read and research it appears that this is a way of promoting new and independent blogs who have less than 200 followers. I think its a good idea because it gets you to find new blogs and you get to share you favourites! So I've been nominated by the lovely Bekki.
ps. It's not an actual award its just the name of the thing haha. I was very confused when I received the message off Bekki, but now I know what it is I think its a nice idea to get your favourite blogs new readers and find new reads from your favourite blogs. Since its hard work getting recognition and you see these blogs with 29427523 of followers and think how did they do it? I know loads followers isn't everything but its nice to know people are interested in your life or what you write about to be honest so it's a nice way of getting the people you enjoy reading about the recognition you think they deserve.

These are the rules:♦ Copy and paste the award to your blog linking it to the blogger who nominated you.
♦ Each person must post 11 things about yourself. 
♦ Then answer the questions that the nominator has set for you plus create 11 questions for your nominees.
♦ Choose 11 people with less than 200 followers and link them in your post.
♦ Go to their blog and let them know, you don't have to pass it on but its a nice way of helping blogs out you like and finding new ones to read. (you don't have to include the person who named you either) 

My 11 things. 
1. I'm an extremely fussy eater, I don't really like food much. 
2. The food I do like should make me obese but since I don't eat much I'm not.
3. I'm planning on becoming a genetic specialist or a biology teacher or something along those lines, just depends what's available when I finish uni. 
4. I secretly hate going to Uni, I just want my job now thanks. 
5. I love Giraffes I'm pretty much obsessed with them. 
6. My favourite number is 7 and John's is 11. My birthday is the 11th and John's is the 7th. How weird is that?
7.  My dream job would be writing novels but I don't let anyone read anything I write.
8.  I have a rather small family compared with my friends. I have 1 uncle, 1 aunt, 2 cousins, 1 sister, 2 half sisters, a step mother, a mam, a dad, 1 gran and 1 granda. 
9. I'm going on a skiing holiday in March and I don't even know how to put ski's on. 
10.  I'd don't have my passport yet for said skiing trip which isn't very good. 
11. I love taking photos but always forget my camera!

My questions from Bekki.
1. What's your dream meal, dessert and drinks included?

My dream meal would be Mac and Cheese with really creamy sauce and a crunchy topping (favouritest food ever) followed by Lemon Meringue pie with a cold glass of Cola.
2. Who do you most look up to?
I'm not really sure, I'd have to say it was my gran, I'd like to be like her when I'm an old person.
3. What's your favourite tv show?
My all time favourite tv show is Sex and The City, but currently I'm in love with A Game Of Thrones.
4. Wheres your favourite place to go?
I love to visit Manchester, I don't know why though, I just really love the place. I'd love to move there.
5. Which beauty product do you use the most?
It would have to be my Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple red, its just fantastic and makes your lips feel wonderful.
6. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I'd love to visit Maine, I think it looks absolutely beautiful. I know its not really an exciting place but its Stephen King country and I love Stephen King! If not Maine I'd love to visit New Orleans because the french quarter would be amazing to visit and several of my favourite vampire novels are either set there or partially set there.
7. What are your top three favourite books?
My three favourite books ever? This is hard it will have to be 'Salem's Lot - Stephen King, The Philosophers Stone - J K Rowling and finally The Northern Lights - Philip Pullman.
8. What are your top three favorite movies?
The Lion King, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Bridget Jones' Diary.
9. Who is the best band you've seen live, and if you haven't seen anyone live then who would you most like to see?
This is the hardest question possible. I've seen so many amazing bands who was the best? I think it will have to be either Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper both are absolutely fantastic live.
10. What was your favourite Christmas present? 
Either my Cath Kidston bag or my new Fossil watch.
11. If you could have any super power what would choose and why? 
I'd like to never age could that be a super power? I dread getting older. If not I'd like to be able to make myself invisible so I could spy on people or just disappear if I get too embarrassed by something.

My Nominees.
I know it said to do 11, but out of everyone I follow I don't have that many people with under 200 followers. 
♦ Lynne
I love Lynne's blog, she's a beauty blogger who writes posts on hauls, outfits, beauty, baking and her life. I really enjoy reading her posts. 
♦ Mo
Mo's blog was one of the first I started reading, she lives in New Orleans and loves pizza. She also has a very interesting life and I love her Malick Mondays feature.
♦ Katie
Katie blogs about her favourite things in fashion and beauty of the moment at write general life update posts.
♦ Chelsea
Chelsea is new to blogging and has recently moved from the north to the south, she's just starting but I'm sure great things are to come. 
♦ Emily
Emily does fashion, beauty and haul posts but my favourite ones are the recipes and the life updates. 
♦ Siobhan
Siobhan is new to the blogging world too, she's starting out as a fashion blogger, I'm positive she's going to be great at it!
♦ Laura
Laura's blog is just lovely, she's a mother and writes about motherhood along with book and beauty reviews!
♦ Lauren
Lauren is a fashion and life style blogger, I enjoy reading her posts especially her beauty reviews.
♦ Yammie
Yammie's blog is full of recipes that are glutenfree! It's fantastic, some super yummy recipes are to be found here.

Questions for my nominees. 
Apologies I'm not very good at thinking of questions to ask people haha. 
1. What is your all time favourite book to read?
2. If you were an animal what would you be, and why?
3. Do you have a favourite quote? 
4. What is your favourite film, tv show and band?
5. What is your favourite thing about your home country? 
6. Where is your favourite place to shop?
7. Pick one place in the world you'd like to visit the most and why?
8. If you were a dessert what would you be and why? 
9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
10. Who was the best you've seen live? If you've not been to a live show, who would you like to see live?  

I hope I've given you some new reads by nominating these blogs, don't be afraid to check them out!


  1. it's always nice seeing posts like this because i love getting to know new bloggers. i've actually followed based on this because you seem so nice and lovely!
    anyway, happy new year and hopefully we can catch up soon?
    laura xx

    1. Aww thank you! Someone 'nominated' me and I thought it was such a lovely way of getting people out there.
      Happy new year to you too! xx