Friday, 25 January 2013


So here is the first of my 'recently' posts. I plan on doing this every Friday, with 6 categories which will be my favourite thing of the week. I'll explain each category in this post then any post after it will just have the category title haha. Also I updated yesterdays haul post since I forgot to mention what my tattoo was all about! Oops!
This is pretty much what my week has looked like. I'm still not even finished my assignment its depressing really but moving on..

So recently I've been;
 Listening to Fall out boy quite a bit, I found my old ipod and oh I just fell back in love with them, the song is I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm always trying to get you off. I've been listening to it on repeat all week, I'll post the video at the end of this post, the way Patrick Stump sings the lyrics 'From a sour bottle baby girl, with eyes the size of baby worlds.' I just love it. Its a really old favourite. (This category will be what song is most played this week.)
Reading I have been re-reading 'Salems Lot by Stephen King since I felt like reading an old favourite would cheer me up. (This category will obviously be on what I'm currently reading.)
Watching I have been hooked on Corrie! I have so much love for this show, I've been watching it for aslong as I can remember and this week with Tyrone and Kirsty's wedding and the aftermath I can't not watch it!(This category will be on what TV I'm hooked on or what film I've recently seen that I love, or both!)
Lusting after this absolutely gorgeous dress from Hell Bunny. I'm in love with spot print dresses and the heart shaped cut out in the back is lovely. (This category is going to be what I want to waste my money on this week.)
Wishing for the Summer, light mornings, warm evenings, longer days, shorts, no snow. Aren't we all longing for it? I'm also wishing for about a gazillion other things but if I told you those wishes they might not come true ;) (This category will be obviously be what I'm wishing for at the moment.)
Getting excited about March. March the 14th to be exact because I have a month off from uni, meaning I can relax. Plus my birthday is in March and everyone loves their birthdays right?  (This category will be about future events that are getting me really excited!)

Video for Fall out boy here - 


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