Tuesday, 22 January 2013

There's nothing better than a snow day!

Well there is, there are lots of things better than snow days such as warm dry days where you can sun bathe, but for now a snow day will do since it means I can stay home from uni and relax a little when in reality I should be panicking about assignment work, I'm positive I'll get it done by the 4th! Even if it means no sleep for 2 days. I guess life is just getting on top of me at the moment, I have no motivation what so ever. So how have you all been? I hope you didn't miss me too much whilst I took a break from blogging, I haven't fully sorted myself out and I still have no idea what is going on and keep having random out bursts of tears but I'm sure everything will sort itself out eventually and what is meant to be will be as my mam keeps telling me.
Anyway back to snow days, as you can see we have had quite a lot of snow here in the North. I keep thinking of Game of Thrones and how we have loads of snow and how it was -10 the other morning in the north, I could be a Stark haha. Anyway so yesterday I dragged my sister and her friend Ellie out for a walk with the dogs, because you know dogs look cute in the snow. Not my dogs though, every photo I tried to take they wouldn't sit still!
This was my poor car yesterday morning, now its just a pile of snow, you can't even see the car anymore. I'm a bit worried about it but once you clean the snow off it, it just comes back!

We took the dogs out for about 45 minutes which is amazing for me since I rarely walk them, we had to come home earlier than we expected because it was getting extremely cold, the dogs were shaking and in the end we could barely see for snow.

I have to say though my dogs are fantastic at pulling you about! Could train them to pull sledges!

Ellie and my sister Emilia.
Ellie wears all Topshop and Emilia is in Jack Wills and Primark.

Ellie had to pinch some wellies off me, these were £10 in asda, had them 2 years, 2 festivals and they are still in good working order!

I wear Asos coat and Topshop Leggings with Newlook boots.
I hope you're all staying safe and warm out in the snow! I also hope you're enjoying the snow where you are :) 

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