Tuesday, 12 February 2013

25 facts..

So I've been seeing these posts everywhere! I've enjoyed reading everyone's facts about themselves since half of them were a laugh and some of them let you know more about the person you follow. I've seen 30 or 50 facts so I thought I'd do 25, because I'm lazy and would probably get pretty boring by 32 or something haha. So here goes I apologise in advance if I'm an extremely boring person haha. 

1) Today I ate 13 pancakes in honour of Pancake day 2013, next year I'm aiming for 14.

2) My dream job would to be a Rock photographer or an Author. I also really want to be a pathologist and this is what I'm aiming for haha.

3) I don't really like much food, I'm the fussiest person in the whole world.

4) I have a piece of paper I keep in my scrap book that is a numbered list, I write on it each time I come back from a gig with the bands I've seen so I can keep count.

5) To this day I have seen around 138 bands.

6) I own 238 books, I aim to have 250 by the end of this year, donations are welcome!

7) I once went to a party with an ex boyfriend, thought I was clever and drank more than I should have, not only did I throw up on myself and him but I was also sick on his dog. At the time I was mortified but now I find it hilarious and like to share the story. Haha.

8) I ended up going to the University I didn't want to go to (the others cancelled my course :'( ) I somehow got in after being asked why did I choose Teeside and I replied with - 'Everywhere else cancelled the course this was my last option'. Who even says that? Come on.

9) I'm a big goth at heart haha, seriously I'd never call myself a goth to be serious just as a joke cause thats what everyone always says when I tell them one of my favourite bands is Marilyn Manson. Haha

10) I've only been abroad 4 times, 3 times to france and once to spain.

11) I say Haha too much.

12) I cry at the Lion King everytime, even though I've seen it 49723428765 times, its just that stampead seriously, I see that and its like 'MUFASA NOOOOOO' and sobs for like 10 minutes. (Not lying either)

13) I don't like meat. I hate even looking at most of it to be honest. 

14) Even though I don't like meat I'm not a vegeterian.

15) I'm terrified of Clowns, Spiders and The Dentist.

16) I want to visit Maine and Russia more than anywhere else in the world. 

17) I'm going to my 5th Festival this year, first time with out big John (my dad), its going to be really odd!

18) I've never had a job! I have applied but it appears no one wants me :( 

19) My favourite book series ever is The Series of Unfortunate Events Series, these books changed my entire book collection, up to that point all I read was Jaquline Wilson books from then on I read much stranger books. 

20) I have dyed my hair so much that my roots aren't even my natural colour anymore and in some places I'm coming through grey! To be honest though the amount I used to bleach it I'm shocked I still have some hair!

21) Even though I'm 18 I still play The Sims on a regular basis, its a great way to relax.

22) My favourite meal in the whole world is Mince and Dumplings. (I know I don't like meat, but Mince is my occasional exception. I usually get Quorn if my family don't mind.)

23) I really don't like Apple, I have no idea why maybe its cause someone used our itunes account and spent like £200 and we couldn't do anything about it. But I hate apple and I'm considering an Iphone, bit silly really. 

24) I have tried and failed to learn several instruments including -bass, guitar, flute, keyboard and the drums.

25) I talk far too much, like sometimes I don't even take a breath when I'm saying a sentence, people just stare at me like 'shut the fuck up'. I must be very annoying haha. 

I hope you've all found my little facts interesting haha, have you done a post like this? Leave a link in a comment so I can be nosy haha. Hope you're all well!


  1. I really enjoyed your facts!

    I totally get the meat one, it grosses me out too but I still eat it. I say haha too much too, especially online, it's embarrassing! Congrats on your pancakes, that's got to be a record!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Aw thank you! I thought they were probably super boring!
      And I know, I don't know why but its just gross, I only eat mince really haha.
      I aim to eat more Pancakes next year!
      Kloe x