Monday, 11 February 2013

I have that Festival feeling..

Now I wouldn't say I was a festival junkie or a extremely experienced festival goer but I've been to a couple. I've been to Sonisphere Festival 2010 &2011 both of which I spent the weekend camping. I also went to Evolution festival in 2011 for the weekend (you don't camp there though), and in 2009 I went to Slam Dunk Festival. Last year I attended a day at Download because well my dad couldn't do a full weekend and I had no one else to go with.
I've been looking through my favourite photos from Sonisphere the past few days, and begun getting post festival/gig/I haven't seen a band for months depression. In the end I asked Lewis and Brandon if they thought Download was a good idea and we got tickets! My dads a bit bummed cause he can't go and I've ditched him apparently but he's still my #1 gig/festival buddy, so he's going down for the Sunday and meeting me there.
So anyway I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos with you guys of bands and just general festival stuff from Sonisphere Festival 2010 and 2011. (Sonisphere isn't on in the UK anymore, 2012 was a massive failure and ended up being cancelled and this year they didn't even announce any bands, which is a shame because it was a nice family friend festival for first timers.)
All photos are mine, please don't take them without permission and please don't judge them, they were all taken on a 10 megapixel camera in rough conditions haha. Also this is pretty picture heavy!
These are of Alice Cooper in 2010, If you get a chance to see them do it! Sonisphere 2010 just me and my dad went and it was extremely fun, dad drank quite a bit without being too bothered and we could get up close to the stage and it was warm and dry and the bands were the best. 
For someone who hates exercise, this may sound odd, but I loved the walk from the campsite through the other camps to the arena. The place was just alive people were happy and drunk and everyone was excited and running around. The air was filled with the smell of Chinese food and pizza it was heavenly. 
This picture of me was taken by some photographer and posted online with the Sonisphere photos. It was entitled 'Cheer up' In my defense I just wanted to see Alice Cooper! Haha, also I have no idea what I did to my eyebrows god help me and my lipstick looks funny too oh well. I was 16 give me a free pass haha.
So this is me and my dad, the Saturday morning, I was shocked that I'd gone to bed at like 2am and was up and fresh around half 8/9oclock that morning haha. 
Dad got really excited about cooking breakfast, strangely we both pull the exact same face! People say we look so much alike haha. 
BBQ'd breakfast, <3 Dad somehow set the sausages on fire, oh dad! Haha
I'm so excited to see these at Download, Rammstein. They put on a fantastic show, I wasn't a massive fan but when they played I was impressed and have loved them since! The pyrotechnics were amazing, the show itself was amazing! 
Papa Roach, I loved these when I was about 14, and it felt mad seeing them live. 
These guys, oh I have loved Good Charlotte since I was about 12, I never thought I'd get to see them. 

Now this was the reason I wanted to go to Sonisphere..Motley Crue. Oh how I love them, the music, the lyrics, the band itself, all the antics they got up to in the 80s. How can you not love them?! 

I can't say how proud of these photos I am, I was right at the front, directly under Nikki fan girling through out the entire thing.

Oh at 16 I was so cool haha.

Bring me the Horizon. Below at the Kerrang Signing tent

2011 was a completely different event, this time is was a full on family event, it wasn't as enjoyable as the first year was probably due to the Saturday having rather shit bands on, I really only went for Metallica. Above is Me, Emilia and Eleanor. 
2011 was also a really wet year, it rained for nearly all of the time we were there, not nice.

Metallica were as amazing as ever below more of Metallica and Me and Dad clearly extremely excited about them.

Above All Time Low (I hate these, I took a photo then walked off), Below is Motorhead, looking forward to these at DL too.

These were great when Singing, when they weren't you couldn't understand a word Lemmy was saying haha.

Limp Bizkit! and Finally below - Slipknot

Sorry for a pretty picture heavy post, I hope I haven't bored you all too much!
Are you going to any festivals this summer? What festivals have you been to in the past?


  1. What an awesome post! I never been to an festival, but maybe this year I'm going to one in the Netherlands. And than I see Rammstein too! You have a great blog! <3 xx

    1. Why thank you! Oooh I hope you get to go to a festival and get to see Rammstein they are fantastic! xx

  2. Amg I've been to Sonisphere! I went to the first 2 they did in 2009 and 2010 and then I went to Download festival last year. Rammstein have to be by far one of the best bands I've seen. It was amazing! Kinda gutted Sonisphere aren't seem to be doing more as I liked their camp site layout but I prefer the bands that were at Download. This year's Download line up looks epic! Trying to get my friend on board for it but he's being silly cause of his new girlfriend. Anyways, awesome post!

    Rhiannon x

    1. Haha I know I'm so excited for Rammstein at Download this year! I'm gutted about Sonisphere so bad the campsites were fab and the arena layout was so good, Download last year the arena I was rather unimpressed because it just didn't seem well thought out haha.
      Aww haha, I hope you get to go! xx