Wednesday, 6 February 2013

BEAUTY: | No 7 foundation - Match Made Service

I'm going to start off by saying when it comes to foundation I have no idea what to buy, I usually go for natural collection concealer wand because its not too heavy and its light enough for my skin. My main problem with foundation is I always seem to look orange or when I first put it on its fine but as the day goes on I get a sort of odd orangey look which is a huge no for me. I like being white, I don't really wear foundation often because I can never be bothered to put make up on to be perfectly on honest with you. But when I do wear it, its usually a disaster and I take it off pretty much straight away because I hate the colour.
I have hundreds of pretty much full bottles of foundation most of which are 'ivory' or 'fair', but I still find most of these make my skin look odd, either yellowy or orangey or just horrible.
So off I wander into boots last week to try out some recommendations and I get asked if I wanted to try the Match Made Service at the No 7 counter, I thought why not all they can tell me is I have shit skin thats really white. But no I found the perfect foundation!
My skin match came back with Calico which is the lightest shade available, this didn't really surprise me though. The woman asked me what foundation I usually wore and what I liked in one, this was really good because I had no idea which to pick. She choose the Essentially natural foundation out for me, and I can honestly say its perfect for my skin.
Excuse the awful quality of the photo but as you can see the colour pretty much blends in with my skin well will if I'd rubbed it in fully. The foundation is really light and I barely know its there, the good thing about this service was I was given a small sample of the foundation, enough to last me 2/3 days to see if I liked it before I bought a tube. I'm pleased I did the colour test because its great for my skin, the only thing is if you have slightly dry skin it becomes a little patchy and needs to be reapplied, I have a dry patch on my forehead and it became patchy after around 6 hours of wear. All in all though I think its a fantastic product and would recommend the service to everyone and the colour Calico to anyone who's pale since its perfect!

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