Friday, 8 February 2013

Recently #3

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well, I'm currently feeling rather good about everything in the world!
Its Friday which means its another 'Recently' Post. Whenever I write these I sing Mcfly - Obviously to myself haha.
So recently I've been;
 Listening to lots of stuff again, nothing in particular, its hard to pick a song for this week cause I've had 3 stuck in my head all week!  
Reading I'm ashamed to say this but I haven't read a thing this week. I haven't really had a chance though, I do plan on starting Corey Taylors book tonight though. 
Watching I haven't watched much tv this week either! Oho. What I have watched is Sex and The City though. 
Lusting after Download tickets, seriously I feel as if my life depends on going, I must get tickets. Brandon and Lewis say we can go so I'm really excited but I'm not going to be convinced about it until the tickets are bought! Haha
Wishing for Sunshine and no wind. Its awful when the sun is boiling and then the winds there pissing you off making you cold! Give us some warm weather please. I'm also wishing for money haha, once the Download ticket has been bought I'm going on a spending ban!
Getting excited about The summer! If Download really is happening which it is according to Lewis and Brandon so we better get tickets I'm really excited about that haha. I'm also excited about generally anything this week really, I have really good friends and they've made this week fab, don't know what could top it off haha. 

The song I have finally chosen is Bowling For Soup - 1985. I hadn't listened to it in ages then on Wednesday Abbey was auditioning for Chris' band and he had this on his Itunes and I instantly felt 15 again, I forgot how good these guys were seriously. This songs my favourite by them I used to play it all the time, the video is great too. 

I hope everyones having a good week, and have a fab weekend. What do you think of this weeks song choice?
Have you got any music recommendations for me to check out? Or any book recommendations?

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