Friday, 15 February 2013

Recently #4

So this week I've been really ill, I've been to the doctors every day since Tuesday and I've had blood tests and other tests done and now I have to go for an ultrasound to see if they can't find out what is wrong with me. The doctor has no idea what is wrong with me so fingers crossed it gets sorted soon and its nothing serious. anyway lets get on with this. 
 So recently I've been;
 Listening to Everyone that is on the Download bill, I'm really getting in the mood for it! Next announcement is on Monday I can't wait. 
Reading nothing what so ever, I've been too ill. 
Watching Sex and the City season 6, I just love it when Harry and Charlotte finally get together and confess their love aw I just love it! 
Lusting after a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I may or may not have bought some from office that were on offer, not lita's though cause I couldn't afford £150 haha. 
Wishing for everything to be ok with my stomach and it just be something small and silly nothing serious. I'm really worried. 
Getting excited about Download of course, although its 4 months away, haha.
I'm not including a video this week because I haven't really listened to much music. 

I hope everyones having a good week, and have a fab weekend. 
Have you got any music recommendations for me to check out? Or any 
book recommendations?


  1. Hope they find out what's wrong with you soon babes!

    I love Sex and the City, especially season 6! Harry & Charlotte are the cutest! I think I cry through most of it!

    Amy x

    1. Thank you, so do I! and I know omg I love it so much, Harry and Charlotte are just so perfect and I know the tears I have over that show is unreal! Haha