Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sugar & Vice Jewellery

I can't tell you enough how happy I am about finding this store! I love quirky jewellery, I used to have a vast collection until half of it went missing but oh well. I'm here to tell you about the most amazing ring I've ever bought!
Sugar and Vice are a company based in Kent, they make statement and personalised jewellery. I'm actually pretty much in love with them at the moment, I have a wish list about the size of my arm, unfortunately I can't afford all the things but then my birthday is coming up so... haha.
Anyway I've been searching for a Scrabble ring with the letter 'K' on for well over a year, 'K' is quite possibly the hardest one to find and when you find one its really expensive. So when I saw this on the Sugar &Vice Instagram page I knew I had to have it.
It's not a scrabble ring, its a Periodic Table Element Ring! I actually love it, I was so excited when I saw it. I'm a huge geek, I love Chemistry although I prefer Biology and I'm doing a Forensic Biology degree I knew I had to have one. It's a brilliant alternative to a Scrabble ring and its a brilliant subtle way to show you love Chemistry! I choose potassium because of 2 reasons a) Potassium is my favourite element and b) My name starts with a 'K'.
I can't wait to wear it to Uni on Monday, I wanted the little square tattooing on me but I plan on waiting until my first year is over so until then I have this. I even love it so much I've bought Abbey and Shona one because I'm a great friend and I know they'll love them. If you're interested in an extremely cool Periodic table Element ring you can get one here and pick your element! They even do Necklaces and Earrings!!
I've even made up a little wishlist with some of my favourite pieces, you should all go and take a look. 

1. The Bird House necklace how cute is this? Look at the cute detail! It's made from laser cut wood, and I really need it.
2. This Galaxy necklace is yet another slightly geeky one but I don't care its so pretty.
3. The Vintage Camera necklace I just love camera's what more can I say?
4. A Personalised Cupcake necklace I like personalised necklaces but sometimes I think 'do I really want my name around my neck?' So this is a great subtle way and its a cupcake, who doesn't like cupcakes?!

5. The Meat Cleaver necklace oh I love this piece, seriously. I wanted a meat cleaver necklace when I was 15 and I remember Kreepsville had a perfect one but I never had any money to buy it. I think this will be on the top of my Birthday list!
6. Sparkly Shoe Earrings its shoes, its sparkly and its a perfect way to brighten up a bit of a dull outfit!
7. Zombie want braiiiiinssss earrings, Laser cut wood can you believe it? Look at the detail! I think these are really cute.
8. Personalised Horror name necklace I love the style of writing on this personalised name necklace, its just fab. 

Seriously go and check Sugar and Vice out, you will not be disappointed. Plus you get sweets in with your order! What more do you want in life?!

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