Monday, 11 February 2013

Insta Catch Up #7

So lets face it these are never weekly more like every few month. But January was a pretty down month so there wasn't much to talk about, but things have started to look up so here we go the first 'weekly' catch up of this year! I'm sorry for there being quite a few photos and that but oh well, here goes -
1. I was doing really well with my new years resolution until around the 14th I'd guess it was and I slipped and ended up not ruining 1 but 2. Drinking fizzy pop and eating a Mcdonalds. Tut tut. haha. 
2. I got my new tattoo, its all healed now of course and I'm still in love with it, planning my third one now. 
3. I spent a week in bed in January living off Milky bar yoghurts and watching Game of Thrones season 2. Everyone needs to watch this series, but I need to warn you, Jon Snow and I are getting married ;) haha. 
4. I was also living off milkshakes. 
5. and Cake..
6. and Grilled Cheese sandwiches, January wasn't very healthy. 
7. We had quite a bit of snow through out the month.
8. I bought the prettiest new bed set from Tesco<3
9. My poor car has barely been driven, been stuck in snow and frozen to the ground! Must get him driven soon. 
10. In love with my new Mod Cloth dress, a post about it to come soon, when I get some decent photos of it.
11. I finally got myself some Von Follies undies <3
12. Bought some heart shaped glasses at last!
13 Mcdonalds pancakes for breakfast really make the day good. 
14. After reading several textbooks and giving up me and Shona went and got a dominos pizza. <3 I ate all of that minus like 1 slice!
15. Lemon cake <3 Can you imagine how awful life would be without cake? 
16. My Element ring from Sugar and Vice.
17. Black Jacks! <3 Need I say anymore? Best sweets ever. 
18. Cups of tea have been a life saver throughout the Cell biology and Microbiology assignment.

19. Wednesday I went to Karaoke with Mel, Abbey &Becca. Such a good night.
20. New spectacles! Love them, I can see for a change.  
21. Sorry Shona &Abbey your heads got cut off partially sorry! haha. Tuesday me and the girls went to the metro centre it was such a good day! 
22. Pizza hut for the second time in a week with the girls! 
24. My current read - Corey Taylor -Seven Deadly Sins <3
25. My granda bless him is now buying me New Scientist to read. 
26. I've been doing a jar of positive things and good things from this year so far, they seem to be building up.
27. How cute is my new hot water bottle cover?! 

So January was an extremely shit month, February has been a much better month so far. I can honestly say though I couldn't have got through it without the girls seriously. I love them so much their the bestest friends I've ever had, I can't wait to move to Boro next year and live with them! Seriously the nicest people ever. 


  1. The jar idea is a good one, I'm glad it's looking quite full :)
    I love how many of these pictures are food sources ;)
    Chelsea x

  2. I know, I've seen quite a few people do it, you dont open it to new year either so you can look back at the good things :)
    and I do love my food chelsea haha x