Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wish list #1 ASOS edition

So almost every Sunday, well actually its almost every other day haha. Anyway I sit and stare at clothes online, mentally adding them to a never ending wish list. So I've decided to start making little posts for whenever I do this, so expect quite a few! I love seeing what other people have spotted and lusted after online so here it goes with mine!
For the first wish list I decided to share some items I've had saved on ASOS for a few weeks, I've ended up buying one of the items, but it was with Paypal so it doesn't count as spending my money haha. (Keep telling yourself that kloe.)

1. I've had my eyes on these earrings for absolutely ages, to be honest I have no idea why because they're quite plain but I don't know I think bones are different. haha.
2. I'm dying for a bag in this shape for Download if anyone find a black one or a studded one please let me know! It's the perfect shape and size for festivals. This bag though is just perfect for the summer I may need to add it to my collection.
3. Another Sweatshirt for my never ending collection, I love the sugar skull on the front, I'm feeling skulls again this month. I don't think you can ever go wrong with them. 
4. These boots are almost identical to the ones I wanted from Topshop and are almost half the price! Still I'm a poor student I may wait a little longer before I treat myself.
5.Jeans, oh how I hate shopping for them. I like this pair but I doubt I'll buy them since I like them really tight on my ankles and these seem a little loose, but still I love the Acid Wash!
6.This is perfect for the summer, as I was writing this up I ended up going back to ASOS and buying it! I love it and the cut outsides are perfect for showing off my new tattoo! 

What do you guys think? Anything you like? Any online stores you think I should check out, I'm always looking for new places to shop!
Hope you're all having a good weekend :) 

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