Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wish list #2 Home time..

Since finding a house with the girls I've started to get really excited when I look at household items. Ok I did before but now I get more excited because I finally have a reason to buy them! These a just a few little pieces I want at the moment. 

1. I may already have 2 covers for my Kindle but I really want this one cause its just so damn cute, they also have a Frodo one on the store!
2. I love Little Miss Delicious stuff, this cushion is super cute you can even pick the colour too! A must have I think. 
3. How cute is this sweet dish? I'd probably use it for Jewellery instead of sweets but its just adorable.
 4. Batman icecubes? Yes please! You could even make Batman jelly! The fact its Batman pretty much sold me!
5. These are a fantastic idea! You pop them in the freezer and when you don't shut the door properly they shout at you! Gradually getting more and more angry about it, I think its a great idea because you have a cute little guy in your freezer, it means you're food doesn't go icky if the doors not shut properly and if the doors shut properly the ozone is a little bit more safe! These are from think geek, its a brilliant site for all things slightly nerdy.
6. I'm desperate for this tea set, Giraffes are my favourite animal, I collect anything to do with them and I need this for my collection, the only thing is its price tag. I know £50 isn't that much for something like this but I'm rather poor so I'll wait till its in the sale or my birthday or something. Or if anyone wants to buy me it that would be great :)
7. What house full of scientists wouldn't have a periodic table shower curtain? This is a must for our house I am determined for us to get one!
8. How cute is this lamp? I don't care if I'm nearly 19 and this is clearly for children its just so cute and reminds me of super mario.
9. This is too cute, I want this to put in our kitchen, who doesn't want a chalk board in the shape of a teapot?
10. Finally this is the most amazing store I've found on Etsy I think, they sell Vinyls that have been made into clocks! I was browsing home ware seeing what you could get Motley Crue wise and an Alice Cooper one came up and then I found this one, which is just amazing, The Smiths <3 There are several Albums by the Smiths on there, I purchased this one earlier since I told my gran about it and we decided to get it for my uncle to cheer him up. There's only one version of each clock at for £19.99 you can't go wrong, if you see one you like I'd snap it up quick. What's better is you can ask them if they have a Vinyl or if they can find the one you want turning into a clock! 

Have you got any cute home decor stores you'd like to share? I love seeing peoples house hold goods, it gives me ideas or inspiration.
Hope you're all having a good week so far (: 


  1. I moved into my new place about 4 months ago and it still isn'ct ompletely decorated (money!) but these ideas are so cute! Must save for some of them!

    1. I know I can't wait to actually move into a place I can make my own :)

  2. I cannot wait to get a home for me and Little Miss! It'll be the first time I have somewhere purely for me to do up. I have a few boxes of stuff in the back of my wardrobe but I have so many more things i'd like bookmarked!

    I love the kindle cover, the sweet dish, the lamp, the teapot chalk board & the clock.. I've actually bookmarked the shop so I can get one of my own when I move out! What awesome picks!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I'm so excited about it i have so many things on my pintrest that I need for when I move out. Since I don't have room to store anything jut yet haha.
      The kindle covers cute isn't it! And I'm pleased you liked my picks :) xx