Sunday, 10 March 2013

A-Z of Me! A....

A is for Autumn 
I love Autumn, it's my favourite season. I love how the leaves change colour and the deep reds and rusts, the way the wind gets a little nippy but the suns still shining bright. The way children start getting excited about Christmas even though its a few months away. The flavours of Autumn too, that sounds really odd but I mean cinnamon and apples and pumpkin. Everywhere starts selling toffee apples and cinnamon flavoured cakes and apple and toffee cakes. The way you can start wearing your jumpers but its not yet cold enough for your huge winter coat. The way everything just seems so much more beautiful in the Autumn light. Not only does Autumn bring all of these things but it also brings Halloween, I love Halloween. I always have since I was tiny, Halloween for me is just exciting, I love scaring myself. Halloween has all the horrors on and as soon as those leaves start to change colour and the sun starts setting early and the winds howling it just makes me want to reach for the nearest Horror book and not stop reading them until Christmas. There's also Bon Fire night, which is amazing in its own way because it marks to me the end of Autumn and that Winter coming and Christmas, its always a night filled with excitement. Full of candy floss and the smell of bonfires and fried sausages and the sound of fireworks whizzing and banging.
Oh Autumn I love and I'm not entirely sure why because you bring the end of Summer and the start of the cold wet weather but you are so beautiful.
As you can tell, I really love Autumn. 

Escomb church in late September last year, its a beautiful place no matter what the season  but Autumn is when its at its finest.
John and I carved these pumpkins last year, it was an amazing night we stuffed our faces with sweets, watched harry potter and carved pumpkins together it was just wonderful. 
Bonfire night last year I spent it at Johns in the community garden watching their firework display which made a change from the huge event I usually attend on bonfire night, it was a nice intimate night with friends.
The community garden is perfect in autumn the fires to keep you warm, the drinks flowing, candles to light the place up and sausages on the BBQs of course.
This photo makes me think of autumn, this is out the back of Johns house, the colours are just the colours of autumn really. 
Finally here is me on bonfire night last year playing with sparklers I know I look rather awful but it was freezing and I had the most horrible cold haha. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first post of the A-Z of me!
Have you do a series of posts like this? If so please leave a link in the comment box I'd love to see!
All photos in this post are my own. 
K. x
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  1. I have very much enjoyed this post!I love to have a nosy into other peoples lives!

    I agree, I love Autumn. It's probably my favourite season too especially if you get those crisp frosty mornings then sun all day long and you can go out with a chunky jumper and thick scarf without a coat (as you mentioned). I love autumn smells and colours too. Plus I start Christmas shopping in autumn ;)

    Amy x

    1. Thank you. Autumn is just the best season, and yes those crisp frosty mornings are just perfect. and it is perfect for starting Christmas shopping because its so quiet to do so! :) xx