Thursday, 28 March 2013

Evian, Photos from France #4

Evian is a beautiful place around a 45 minute drive from Morzine. I really fell in love with the place, I'd love to go back. The place is just so nice, the first day we visited it was miserable and chucking it down but the place still looked nice, I was in love straight away. We went to visit the source of Evian water whilst we were there and it was much more grand than I expect. Personally I just expected a little water trough and a little plaque but found this instead.

Its behind the Evian factory a little bit out of the way, I had no idea where we were going haha. 
The Evian Factory reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or something like it. The building looked abandoned and a little creepy but nice all the same with the amazing architecture.  

We then took a walk along Lake Geneva past the Evian Art Gallery, The Hotel De Ville which isn't actually a hotel but the Town hall, it was really pretty and there was a plaque outside which had information about it on a photos of inside.

I love the Chocolatier shops in France, the chocolates are lovely to look at so nicely decorated or shaped and loads of them same to be painted with Edible gold, the egg above was 50Euro because it had gold flakes in it!

My favourite bit about Evian was the houses, pastel colours, nicely painted, little balconies all of them looked just like houses I'd poured over in magazines or books. I couldn't believe I was seeing houses and buildings like this in real life. I just love them, call me a saddo but I do. Oh Evian your homes are beautiful.

This one here, I want to live in it, it looks so clean and pretty and oh can someone buy me it please?!

Oh Evian you stole my heart, you are a beautiful place. Your houses are painted in pastel colours, with balconies and shutters the streets are filled with bustle and you're just picture perfect. The best part is when everywhere is shut for lunch and the whole place seems silent and it feels as if you're apart for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or something. Until the next time Evian, oh how I wish to live there.

I hope this post hasn't bored you too much and you've enjoyed my photos of Evian.
Have I inspired you to take a trip to Evian? Or have you been before?
Kloe xx

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