Tuesday, 26 March 2013

French food favourites in the mountains; Pierrade, Raclette &Fondue. Photos from France #3

Whilst in France, we got to try some of regional specialties. I'll be first to admit it, I'm not very good with meat or new food and I'm a bit funny like if I don't like the smell of something I usually don't like the taste. I'm a bit odd haha. But I did try these things because well its the polite thing to in someone else's home who's  making these things for you to get a taste of their culture. Whilst in France we got to sample Fondue, Raclette and a Pierrade. I didn't get to take photos of the Fondue or the Raclette but I did get some of the Pierrade. 
These are not my photos I have linked to the source. First of all I hear you say Fondue we know what Fondue is. Well I thought I did until I had it in France, it tasted completely different to when we've had one. First of all I was rather shocked at how cheesey it was, a silly thing to say but it was a cheese overload about 3 types of cheese in it and it was so strong. I love cheese but this was a bit too much cheese for me and what got me was you got more grease than cheese on your bread. Don't let that put you off though because it was really yummy just a little too cheesey haha. Basically its a giant pot with a flame under it with bubbling molten cheese and you have little sticks which you place bread on the end of and dip it in and eat it either on its own or accompanied by salad and hams. 
Next up is Raclette, as before these aren't my photos. Raclette is a type of cheese but is also a dish based on this cheese. The cheese comes in either a round or already cut slices you use a little grill with mini trays which you put your cheese in under the grill and leave it until its bubbling away and then you take it off. The cheese is accompanied by boiled potatoes, salad and meats. The cheese is scraped off the little tray using a spatula and its the most gooey cheese known to man. Absolutely delicious though, it although I don't like meat and didn't eat any of the salad, the cheese was lush with potato, it would be perfect with jacket potato. It was a really nice dish that filled you up really quick, I'd definitely recommend it if you visit this area of France or if you go to Switzerland since its most popular there and originates from there.

Finally a Pierrade, these photos are my own. This was a dish I wasn't a fan of, I don't eat meat so it was a no go for me but I love the idea of it. It was hard to find information about online because its a French thing and I had to go through a French Wiki page! And all the wiki page could tell me was that it is a cooking method using a stone placed on a heated table, which is basically it. What I was told whilst we had this was that it is an extremely popular dish for get togethers or dinner parties in the French mountains. 
Meat is frozen and then very thinly cut before being sold. The Pierrade is then heated up and the meat is placed on and basically you cook it for as long as you like it to be cooked, which is great cause it means that people don't have to compromise if one person wants well done and the other wants rare, since its hard to suit everyone's meat taste using an oven. The meat we had was Chicken, Duck, Bacon and Beef. We had ours with a selection of sauces including, chili and mayo, along with chips and salad. The French are huge on Salad with EVERYTHING no kidding everything we ate had salad with it apart from the Crepes haha cause that would be weird. 

What do you think of these specialities? Would you try any of them? Or have you already tried them?
Kloe x

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