Monday, 25 March 2013

Morzine, Photos from France #1

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I'm back from France and I'm starting to eat food again and put my 3lb I lost in France back on! Haha. I started this post on Saturday but never got around to finishing due to last minute plans to go out for a meal and then yesterday I was busy and then it was the pub quiz so here it is finally the first of 7 posts about my trip to France! The posts are in a bit of an odd order but I wanted to leave my favourites till last, I'd have left this till last but that would have been silly because this is where went haha. Also I'm going to say it now this is a rather photo heavy post I'm sorry haha. 
We left England around half past 10 on Thursday morning and arrived at Geneva airport about 2 hours later, we got a shuttle bus from there to the Rhodos in Morzine which is a nice little pub/restaurant and hotel ran by English people and sells English foods and beers along with French food. They even sell good old pasties and sausage rolls! The drive from Geneva to Morzine wasn't too bad about an hour and a half at most but the views were lovely so there was no reason to complain. 
The first day we arrived I was shocked by how beautiful the place was, the sun was shining yet it was still cold due to high winds and snow. The place is filled with cute little chalets with fairy lights around them, I wish I'd got a chance to take some photos on a night. The wood piles under the house and the cosyness of it all, oh I felt like I never wanted to leave. It was such a cute place and the mountains loomed over it in background making it a picture perfect area to live. The first thing I thought of though was Twin Peaks, the wood houses and the mountains and snow haha. 
Another great thing about the place was that they had horse and carts giving people lifts around town and up Avoriaz where we went skiing, it has a resort and people park there cars as far up as they can then load there cases and themselves in to a horse and cart and travel around the mountain that way! Its just so cute! 
This was Bertrons house, he's like a relative to John so we visited here one night for a Pierrade (more about this later.) We stayed at Johns aunties just outside of Morzine it was about a 10 minute drive away but we went into Morzine every day. 
This train transports skiers to Pleney, because walking in ski boots with skis is quite possibly the hardest thing ever. Especially up hill.
Morzine was filled with great little shops, most of which sold fresh meats, cheese and bread. Lots of cute little stores for gifts too and wine shops along with sweet shops. And of course there was loads of Ski wear stores. 
Thats Pleney in the background I skied down that, I'm quite proud, although I threw a fit before hand because it was snowing really badly when we went up and I was terrified of skiing down and once I was down I refused to go back up cause I was so scared. (More on this in future posts.)
It was hard to get a nice photo of me and John whilst skiing because obviously ski wear isn't attractive and neither is wet hair photos. 
Technically this isn't Morzine this is La Beaume I think it is where Johns Auntie lives. It has a church which has bells which rang every half hour all day all night. I got barely any sleep haha. 
This store is well worth a mention, they sell all sorts, great gifts to take back mainly. They sell great pot gifts as pictured above and they sell hand made wood gifts, I bought two adorable hedgehogs for my mam (pictured below) for about 27 euro altogether I think it was. I love them and they got us stopped at customs! We put them in our hand luggage the big one in johns the smaller one in mine so they didn't get broken in the suitcases. We never thought anything of it then in Switzerland we got stopped and the woman had to open them to have a look they thought they were either live animals or a bomb! Haha luckily she understood they were wood gifts and let us keep them. How cute are they? 
There was also a shop that sold pot cows, it was great. 

Morzine really is a beautiful place, the surrounding mountains are beautiful too, the drives along windy roads are made fascinating by watching mountains and finding streams that ran through them, so many of them you wouldn't believe. 
Me looking absolutely beautiful is ski wear, please note my sarcasm. 
I enjoyed walking around Morzine since it was so pretty there was so much to take photos of, luckily for you I haven't shared them all. My biggest problem with Morzine though was food, I'm a very picky eater, so I barely ate anything but there is a post coming up about the specialties in the area so keep your eyes peeled!
Finally this is my future home, somewhere between Morzine and Switzerland, I thought it was so pretty and it reminded me so much of something Disney.
I hope I haven't bored you too much with my account of my holiday, any questions just feel free to ask.
To end have my favourite photo of John from the trip, I just love him in this I don't know why I just do. I look like death but never mind, thats what a week of barely and food and sleep does to you haha. 
Feel free to leave a comment, have you been to Morzine before? Has my post inspired you to visit? If so make sure you go before the 16th of April because thats when Ski season ends if you can't go before then don't worry it starts again in the autumn.
Kloe x
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  1. I don't ski and I have no intention of ever learning to ski.. however the photos you've taken make it look fantastic and so beautiful! I'd go purely for that.

    Glad you ended up having a nice time, you deserve it after the rough time you had in the run up to it!

    Amy x

    1. I had no intention to ski at all ever either haha, I was sort of roped into it! Haha. Thanks about the photo comment, I wasn't sure if they were good enough quality or not, I have a full post about skiing coming up in the next few days haha.
      and thanks, it was a good trip, I feel like I deserved it haha
      Kloe xx