Friday, 8 March 2013

Recently #7

Hello everyone, I know I've been a bit absent this week but with good reason, I've barely touched my computer until today, its a bit of a shock really but I haven't really had much time. Monday I didn't get home until really late and then Tuesday I went to see John &visit my Uncle and Cousins, Wednesday I didn't get home until really late either, then Thursday I got home at a reasonable time but decided to see my gran for a couple of hours and now I'm writing this whilst I have a break from my Biochemistry Assignment. 

 So recently I've been;
 Listening to all sorts, I've been watching musicals mostly all week so I've been humming songs from them! 
Reading The Night Circus, I'm getting rather into it, so far (about 3-4 chapters (I haven't had much time to read :/) in) and I'd recommend it. 
Watching this week I've been re-watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones, I got the Box Set on Monday as an early birthday gift off my gran and made John watch it since he hadn't seen Season 2 yet. And once again the last 2 episodes had me in tears, so many feelings its unreal! Season 3 starts in April I can't wait! I've also been watching loads of musicals.
Lusting after absolutely nothing this week, not even kidding. I'd like a Giraffe teapot but I don't think I'll ever get it so I'm not hoping or lusting after one haha. 
Wishing for this Biochemistry assignment to be finished and have a good mark, seriously its horrible. I hate milk to start with now I have to write an assignment on it urgh.
Getting excited about France! 6 days! Oh and the Summer, John fancies a holiday to Barcelona but my sister wants me and her and John and her boyfriend to go to London for a week so it seems like I'm going to be a little busy this summer, oh and I have Download! Yey.

This weeks video has to be from Hairspray, oh I love Hairspray its one of my favourite films and who doesn't fancy Zac Efron? I mean seriously. Its such a good film and always makes me smile haha.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday and enjoys their weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you've had a better week this week even if it has been busy! But at least it's been busy with exciting things!

    I'm finally into GoT, just finished watching season 1 and my dad is buying season 2 tomorrow woo!

    And everyone likes Hairspray ;) or they should! That is one of my favourite songs, I love how bad Amanda Bynes sounds when she sings!

    Amy x

    1. Thanks, it seems like this week has just been hectic haha.
      You will not regret getting into game of thrones although season 2 had me feeling so many emotions it is unreal, I cried for the majority of the final 2 episodes. You feel completely lost when its finished but its back in April so its not too bad haha.
      And Yes! Everyone should like Hairspray its one of the best films ever made! and I know, its the best song it the film!