Thursday, 28 March 2013

Reibel, Patisserie in Evian, Photos from France #5

Whilst wandering around Evian we decided we were hungry and went in search of somewhere that sold proper food and not just cakes, we didn't find many places haha. So we found Tom (John's brother) who said their mam had gone to this Patisserie around the corner so we decided to follow suit and ended up in this gem.
Warning this post might make you extremely hungry!
What is love is that the patisseries were also chocolate shops, and the chocolates were just beautiful and you could tell they'd spent ages making them and decorating them. Another thing was there was loads of edible gold used. So pretty!

We opted for some classics Chocolate Eclairs and Pain Au Chocolat.
The chocolate Eclair was delicious the cream was rich and fluffly and the pastry was just to die for, my mouth is watering remembering the taste! The Pain Au Chocolat was the best one I've ever had, I can't even describe it.
Has this post made you hungry? What would you have picked?
Kloe xx

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