Friday, 15 March 2013

Wish list #4

Yey for scheduled posts, I'm currently in France hopefully I haven't injured myself skiing yet and I'm hopefully having fun and it isn't too cold, haha. Anyway whilst sorting through my wardrobe for France I noticed I pretty much live in black, jeans and white tees and the occasional colourful item. So I decided to find some brightly or just coloured clothes that I like! So here it is.
1. I love these jeans, I usually only wear blue ones. I really want to coloured ones for the spring.
2. How cute is this dress? I love spots and if it has a collar I'm pretty much sold.
3. I love Doc Martens the pair I own I've had for 6 years! They are the comfiest shoes in the world and last so long. 
4. I love clothing and accessories from tescos this bag is just so cute for the summer. 
5. I've wanted a wishbone necklace for ages now, I think they're quite cute. 
6. I love this dress, I went to my local Topshop recently and couldn't find it which was a huge disappointment, bring on April and my student loan haha. 
7. This dress is just amazing, I love Modcloth. 
8. LMD jewellery is just the cutest, this is one item I need to add to my collection. 
9. I love icecream, and I have an icecream necklace, I found these earrings by ted baker and fell in love. Then the other week I found the ones mentioned in last weeks haul post and found them to be a great substitute. 
10. Who doesn't want a Middle Earth Map dress? I love it! I can't afford it though which is a major disappointment. I can dream though
11. This dress is so pretty and simple for the summer, I think it may be a must. 
12. I like this dress but at the same time I dislike it. I like how its bright but then I'm still unsure haha. 
13. More Docs, floral this time. Love them. 

Hope you're all having a good week :) 


  1. I adore that dress from Boohoo! It's been on my wishlist for ages! I wish the spring would hurry the hell up!

    Amy x

    1. Its lovely isn't it, I can wait for spring so I can buy bright colours and get them worn xx