Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Dinner date with Giraffes. #OOTD #3

Oh how awkward my smiles are when I take these photos, my tripod broke halfway through too so I had to bend down haha, it has lasted me about 4/5 years though. Anyway, I wore this outfit last night when John took me out for Dinner. We celebrated our '2 years' together, I keep saying its not a full 2 years cause we had a break at the start of the year 'cause John was sick of everything in life but he still says since we were in constant contact at that time and still loved each other its 2 years. Ah well I got a nice meal and got to wear my new skirt. We were going to go for a proper nice meal somewhere real nice and that but John finished work later than expected so we ended up at Pizza Express in Durham which is much nicer than the one at The Metro Centre plus the staff were extremely smiley and friendly. 
I made such an effort, I even wore make up! I never wear makeup on a day to day basis because I never have time unless its a special day or something.

What I wore:
My Outfit:
Skirt - Topshop, I love this skirt, its so cute, I love Giraffes so I had to have it! Its perfect apart from when you stand back up the pleats are all out of place.
Top - H&M, I couldn't find it online but I bought it last week in the Newcastle store its currently half price too.
Shoes - Office, I was going to wear my Jeffrey Campbells I got at Christmas but it started raining and you know Durham with its cobbles so I opted for a pair of primark flats instead.
Necklace - I got my necklace from Jewellery by Vayana, I can't find the site anywhere, sorry.
Earrings - Betsey Johnson last year.
Bracelets - Pandora .
Face - No7 Essentially Natural Foundation in Calico, its perfect for my skin too but I'd like to try a new one, any suggestions?

Eyes - Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for Green Eyes I'm not sure if it brightens my eyes but I do get a lot of compliments when I wear it.
Lips- Revlon Lip Butter  in Candy Apple, I love this shade, I've nearly ran out though so I'll have to get some more!
Nails - I used Topshop's Pool Party as a base, I got it on Tuesday since Topshop had 2 for £8 on Nail Varnish! then used Opi's Gone Gonzo from the Muppets collection which is no longer available as a topcoat.
I love these earrings, I think they're just so cute! 
My mam took this photo she's not very good at it haha. We had a wonderful night and left Pizza Express with very full tummys to take a walk around durham under the moon hand in hand. We went home to snuggle up and watch Game of Thrones from Monday to be disturbed by the drama my sister and her ex cause every time they meet, but that's a competely different story for another time perhaps. 
So two years ago on the 13th of April me and John decided we were going out, neither of us asked each other out it was a 'well are we together or not cause i need to get on with my life' haha. We both liked each other and I'd gone to his house the friday before to see his mam's bees, Lesley keeps bees and makes honey! Hopefully when the weather is better I'll go out with her to see them and get some photos! But anyway so that was that and neither of knew what to do next so John came for Sundays dinner we ended up kissing  and then he went an hour later. That Monday I avoided him and the wednesday we just decided to get together haha. So like us not actually saying what we want  or asking each other things until we have to in fear of rejection. 
Well I love John so, but I may love my skirt more. I joke, Johns brilliant he does so much for me I'd be lost without him.

Do you own any clothes with animals on? Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Kloe x

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