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A-Z of Me! B....

B is for Books
Oh books how I love thee. I remember being about 6 years old and hating reading, but to be honest who didn't hate it when all you were allowed to read at school and had to read at home was Biff and Chip books? Oh how I hated them, to this day I still hate reading out loud to a class full of people or to a lecturer. When I was about 7/8 we were finally allowed to read anything we wanted in class and didn't have to read to someone anymore. YEY. I remember the first book I read alone was Jacqueline Wilson - Lizzie Zipmouth I read it within a matter of hours and from then on for about a year all I bought was Jacqueline Wilson books, I owned every book she wrote up to around 2006 at that point I stopped because I didn't like her writing much anymore, I can go back to the old ones and love them still though. I remember when I was in year 5 my Mam came home to tell me about these books she'd seen in the coop  A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket she told me all about them of course she'd only read the blurb but I was sold, she bought me the first 5 for christmas that year this was 2003 and most of the books had been out for ages but the film was just coming out so of course a re-release so I'd read the first 5 by new year and had to buy the rest this was the first time I experienced waiting for a new release oh the cliff hangers! Oh I hated it, but it was so exciting. Anyway this series opened up a whole new genre to me, they were slightly disturbing and odd and contained murder plots I then started expanding my reading horizons. I started reading vampire novels and then after reading twilight and finishing it before the movies were due release I needed something that was actually scary so as everyone else got into twilight I started 'Salems Lot by Stephen King. To this day it is my favourite novel ever, oh how funny it was everyone reading books about sparkly vampires whilst the ones I was reading about were pure evil. That is where my love for king formed, from there I have read just about all sorts. I love new material if many people recommend something I'll read it to find out what the hype is about or if I like a film or a Tv series I'll read the book. I love how books just take you away from everything make you forget everything else the way you feel you know the characters and the place its set as if its real, how you can go back to them like their old friends and be taken back to the first time you read it. Oh I love books.
 I get so emotionally involved in books it's unreal, I'm going to leave it at this though because I'll start to bore you to death soon since I could talk books all day no kidding.
This is my bookshelf at the moment, ignore my messy room haha. As you can see its rather full I also have a box under my bed filled! And a box in the attic. 
I enjoy a good book so much I even take them to festivals with me! This was 3 years ago in July when me and my dad went to Sonisphere festival, I took The Dirt - Motley Crue with me since they were playing plus its an amazing book.
Oh my Kindle is my baby, I take it just about everywhere with me serious love for it. 
You'd never guess that my favourite Author was Stephen King would you? I own 33 books by King in Paper form and have 43 on my kindle. I only want another 12 I think it is and I'll be very happy. I haven't read all of these all the way through due to them being rather poor ie after like 1995. 
Finally this is my second tattoo and it was a bit of a spur of the moment one, I knew I wanted one like this but I had no idea where on my body, how big or when I'd get it. So in January I just went for it, walked in the store at 10am went back at 3 and was done by half 4. This photo was taken about 3/4 hours after it had been done it looks much better now its healed and I still in love with it, its just so perfect. The quote is a Stephen King one too. I guess you could say I really love reading? 

To end though
When I was in Year 8 in English we were learning about sonnets, our teacher decided to get us all to write a sonnet about something we love obviously. We all wrote one and then she asked us if we'd like to write an additional one for a competition to be published in a book filled with sonnets from other schools in the Northeast, just about everyone in class jumped at the chance there was only 9 of us who got them published, I got 2 published! I was over the moon, one poem was about my cousins and the other my love of books.
Here is the sonnet about books I had published in 'Away with Words, Northern England.' 
please bare it in mind that I was 12 so no laughing!
Reading Books Some people think reading's a bore or even a chore,
But I just want to keep reading books more.
I like to read a book with a bit of drama,
But other people might prefer that books are about people in armour.
When reading I feel like I'm lost in another dimension,
So when I'm reading it's very hard to get my attention.
At times I feel like I'm there in the story,
With lots of different characters, one might be Dory.
Some stories make laugh, others make me cry,
In some books a character might well die.
Your imagination will become wider,
One book I like is titled Insy Winsy Spider.
I will even read books after I finish college,
By then from reading, I will be full of knowledge. 

Oh how cheesy is that? Oh 12 year old me why were you so cool? Haha.
Are you a big fan of books? Who is your favourite author? Have you had anything published? I'd love to know!

K. x
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