Saturday, 13 April 2013

BEAUTY: | Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in La Fascinate Review.

I got this lipstick for my birthday off my sister after wanting a matte finish lipstick for ages. I love it, its quickly become my favourite lipstick and my go to red. Online it looks like a pinky colour but its a rather deep red because when I first opened it I was like shit that is dark but its a proper nice colour.
I loved the packaging, the tube has a push top so no accidental lipstick all over your bag where the lids fallen off! Yey
The colour stays on for absolutely ages, of course it rubs off close to the inside of your lips due eating and drinking and such. The colours really good and stains the lips once its off! Which is great and the finish is lovely velvety I guess would be the term, I just love it. 
I was quite sceptical about buying a lipstick from Chanel my mam bought me a light one for Christmas before this one and I rather liked it but I was still unsure about one that I'd like to wear day to day because to me  £25 for a lipstick is far too much.
After this one though I'll definitely get some more! I love it, its my new favourite although I feel like I should only wear it for special occasions but who cares its just perfect!

You can see me wearing it here and you can buy it here.

Do you own any Chanel lipsticks? If so what shade?
Are there any other high-end brands of lipstick you'd recommend?
Kloe x

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