Friday, 5 April 2013

La Bonbonniere, Pattiserie in Morzine, Photos from France #7

So this is the last of my France posts! Its my favourite one too, if you ever go to Morzine you have to visit La Bonbonniere, its a little patisserie and the Macarons are to die for. I went in thinking they would be acceptable not as good and Laduree in London or Betty's in York. How wrong I was they were better than both!

Gooey fillings with crispy yet soft shells. So much flavour in each bite, my mouth is drooling just thinking about them, oh they were delicious. I got Caramel, Coconut, Raspberry and Chocolate. Seriously if you go to Morzine you need to try them especially the Caramel ones. 

They also sell hand made chocolates and all pastries, cakes etc are made fresh every morning!
The staff were super helpful and really friendly, they let me take photos and replied with 'we'll make it look more beautiful for you' they laughed and joked around with us whilst we tried to speak french and them english! They were so friendly, in the end we spoke half french half english. 
Everything in the store was hand decorated, and really I wrote this post to just show the pretty cakes off haha. We ate fresh bread from this patisserie each day too and it was just perfect.

This is a Caramel Apple Tart we got for dessert one night, it was so nice. Extremely sweet though, you really only needed a tiny slice, it was so rich and sweet.

I got some Macarons to take home with me too, apparently the Pistachio ones were delicious my gran said. They were reasonably priced too, I spent 10 Euro I think it was on 8.
Now feel free to drool over the next couple of images.

Look at that Caramel oozing out, oh I'd go back to Morzine just for these bad boys.

Just look at that gooeyness 
I've made myself extremely hungry writing this post, I'm going to have to bake some cakes or something now! Haha. 
Have you had Macarons from France? Where do you thinks the best place to buy them from in the UK? 
Kloe x

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