Sunday, 14 April 2013

Let me tell you about Printstagram, &my scrapbook!

So coming back from France I found myself with a bit of a problem, I want to print loads of photos from the holiday to put in my scrap book but its far too expensive to print loads of decent quality photos and the normal postcard size would be far too big. That's when I realised I could use Printstagram from Social Print Studio.
Printstagram is this neat little site that lets you print your photos directly from instagram, you just log in to your account and select the photos you want printing! Simple. You can print your photos in squares like I did 24 large square or 48 perfectly adorable scrapbook size squares for $12! You can have framed photos, posters, calendars and mini books which are adorable! I think I'll get one of them next time! So cute!
Anyway I placed my order on the 28th of March and they were here by the 2nd of April! How goods that delivery? The photos are so clear and brilliant quality, the size was perfect for me just what I needed for my scrapbook, also perfect for keeping a photo in a wallet or to stick on a pin board. The mini squares were 2.5inch by 2.5inch. I love them, I'm not kidding when I say I'm so happy about the way they turned out! If you're interested in getting your instagram photos printed take a look here.
Moving on to my scrapbook now, I thought I'd share with you how well they fit in the book.
This is the scrapbook I received from Abbey for my birthday, its Cath Kidston so its perfect, buy one here for £12, its a lot for a scrapbook I admit it but the cover is cloth and its so pretty and it comes with stickers too! I decided to use this scrapbook as a Holiday scrapbook, you know so its a special one and doesn't get filled up with nonsense.
See how perfectly they fit? Oh I was so happy!
As you can see I'm also one of these people who likes to keep little things such as on this page which has a Swiss franc, and a gold chocolate bar wrapper and a postcard. I have no idea why I keep these sorts of things but they just make me smile a little.
But seriously I can't tell you enough about how great Printstagram is I'll definitely be using it again in the future.

Have you used Printstagram before? Do you like Scrapbooking?
Also is you have an instagram account feel free to comment it below :) mines _kloee
Kloe x


  1. oh wow! I love scrapbooking, your albums look great! such a good way to document all your holidays :D xx

    1. Thank you and its a great way to pass time isn't it? xx

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