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Money saving tips, 30 ways to save £1!

Hello everyone! Today I've got a few money saving tips for you! I think these are good ones for everyone but I'd  say some of these tips are really good for students. So this post is inspired by MoneySupermarket's 30 ways to save £1 challenge. The challenge is in honor of the £1 coin celebrating its 30th Anniversary today the 21st, so the task is to come up with 30 ways to save a £1 or money in general. The best thing about this is that anyone can enter if you have a blog and MoneySupermarket will be giving away £1 for each money saving tip you come up with! On top of this they will pull a winner out of a hat and they will win £1000! but wait if they recieve over 1000 ways to save £1 then the figure gets doubled and the winner receives £2000! To find out more visit here.

So I've catagorised my tips since it makes them a little easier to read:

1. You don't need to use a tumbledryer or have your radiators on full blast to dry your clothes, they cost you a fortune. Just leave your clothes to dry on an airer or pop them outside on a sunny day.
2.  Don't have your heating on 24/7 if you're cold pop a jumper on or wrap a blanket around you instead of putting the heating on full and racking up a huge bill.
3. If you don't use your home phone get rid of it and call your phone company up and stop paying the line rental, I know BT charge £15 a month for line rental, if your not using it why have it?
4. If your a student you can get your money back from your TV licence for over the summer since you won't be living there they will offer a refund of the money found out more here.

Going out 
5. When going for a meal go when theres a happy hour on or good deals pizza hut have happy hour 3-6 I think it is and its £6 per person for a meal! Frankie and Bennys have 25% off every Monday night for any main menu meals.
6. Sign up to restraunt mailing lists you can get some fantastic deals and vouchers from them.
7. Buy your train ticket in advance for anything, you save an absolute fortune by doing this train ticket prices go up by about a fiver a week as you get closer to the depature date.
8. If you travel regularly look into buying a weekly saver ticket these work out much cheaper than buying returns or day tickets every day.
9. When you go out wether its for a meal, a drink or just a trip to town, take cash. Only take a set amount you know you can afford to spend and leave your card at home, that way you'll only buy something if you really want it because you'll be more reluctant to spend money.
10. Go to the cinema during the day time tickets are so much cheaper, do this with an Orange wednesday code too and you've spent £2 on a cinema ticket!
11. Collect 2 for 1 vouchers for days out, its a great thing to do you save money and you have a great day out.
12. Buy yourself a railcard, since getting mine I've saved hundreds on rail tickets meaning I have more money to spend once I get where I'm going!
13. If you're going out drinking in town, pre drink as much as you can before you go that way you spend less in the clubs because you're already drunk!
14. Have movie nights at home with microwave popcorn, its a fun night in that saves you about £15 at the cinema.

15. Need to new clothes? Try charity shops or ebay, you can get loads of nice stuff for great prices.
16. Old clothes your never wear anymore? Do some DIY and Jazz them old things up!
17. Some people may disagree with this but look in places like Home Bargains and Pound Shops for things like toilet rolls, crisps, cereals and biscuits. They have pretty much everything in them stores and the foods still good to eat. If you're a poor student I'd defo recommend checking those places out.
18. Do an online food shop, that way you can completely avoid being sucked into the sweet ailse or the cake one and save yourself from spending money on things you dont need.
19. Before buying shop around online and in store to find the best price you can.
20. Before buying new beauty products use all of the one you have up or you'll use the new one and leave a half empty bottle which is waste.
21. Because everyone is raving about a product doesn't always mean its perfect for you, don't rush out and buy it do some research first read reviews. Plus if you wait a while no doubt a month or so later they'll be on offer.
22. Buy your books second hand, charity shops always have hundreds of books and are special second hand book shops which are perfect why spend £12 on a book when you could spend £2?

23. If you smoke why not try giving it up? As a student you have little money as it is, wasting it on cigarettes isn't going to be good giving up means you'll save about £20 a week! If not more. Plus your health will improve vastly.
24. You can't afford to go out drinking every single weekend so don't do it. You'll save money from this and I'm sure your liver will thank you, yes it sounds boring but think of the money you will save. You can have fun with out alcohol you know. 
25. Get yourself a student card, an easy one the discounts you get are fantastic. 
26. Sell your old gadgets and mobile phones, everyone has hundreds of old mobile phones just sitting about in a drawer doing nothing so sell them.
27. I do this one and you'll be suprised how much you save, at the end of each week ie a sunday put all the change you have in your purse into a jar and then every 2 months take it out to spend that way you've got some treat money.
28. Go to the library for your books it saves buying them or you can just share them with people.
29. Cycle or walk to the shops if there not too far, we take the car and its just shameful its a 5 minute walk what a waste of petrol. Save petrol money and walk.
30. Got that gym membership you're paying for but never use? Cancel it you can exercise for free at home, walking, running etc. 

Have you got any money saving tips? I'd love to read them feel free to leave a link in a comment.
Kloe x

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