Saturday, 6 April 2013

Money Supermarkets Passion for Fashion 2 Competition Entry

I've been meaning to post this all week but I've been far too busy but here it is at last, my competition entry for the Passion for Fashion 2 competition hosted by Money Supermarket the aim of the competition is to come up with three outfits with a budget of £200 per outfit category, these are Casual wear, Holiday wear and Party wear. Each category has a winner who wins £200 to buy their winning outfit and theres also an overall winner who gets £1,000 to buy their dream S/S wardrobe!
Not only did it sound fun but to me it sounded like a fab way to procrastinate haha.
So here are my three outfits that I'd love to own for the summer since I can't afford them all I'll probably end up buying a few of the little and cheaper items from them.
1. Mint Dress £14.99, 2. Hot Air Balloon Necklace £7.81, 3. Cardigan £9.99, 4.Flower Garland Headband  £8.00, 5. Lilac Belt £3.00, 6.Bow Pumps £30.00, 7.Lilac Satchel  £105.00, 8. Apple Pie Nailvarnish £5.00, 9. Icecream Earrings £6.51.

First of all lets start with Casual, I'm loving mint and pastel blue again with Spring/Summer, I loved it last year and I'm happy its around again this year. Unfortunately we're not going on an exotic or abroad holiday like we'd hoped were just going to go to stay in London for a few days and perhaps going camping in Scotland or Cornwall. So I need something that will go well with the awful British weather. I've opted for this lovely plain mint dress which would be worn with the lilac belt around it. I think a white cardi and shoes top the outfit off. I've been in love with this Cambridge Satchel for a while now too but I just can't bring myself to spend that much money on a bag. The flower garland is bang on trend for summer too I've seen these everywhere just usually the flowers are much bigger, I like this one because its more cute and toned down. I love the necklace and earrings I think they're super cute and would just complete this outfit. The nail varnish is going to have to be a must when I get some money because its scented and who doesn't want apple pie scented nails?!
1. Spot Swimming Costume £25.00, 2. Floppy Hat £18.00, 3. True Red Lipstick £15.00, 4. Sunglasses £7.82, 5. Knitted Kaftan £22.00, 6. Toffee Apple Wedge £30.00, 7. Cut Out Bag £47.00, 8.Blood Orange Nailvarnish £3.99. 
That swimming costume is just beautiful, I feel like I need it in my life. I'm loving 50s style clothes at the moment and I was going to go for a 50s bikini but when I saw this I knew it was the one. Its perfect for my shape, I'm not skinny but I'm not what you'd call fat I'm just untoned with rather wide hips which I hate getting out so this would be perfect for me. I love the Kaftan with the red swimsuit underneath it would look great along with the jellied melissa wedges which are everywhere as well, I can't wait to buy myself a pair! I love the Lipsy bag, I never usually look at Lipsy things but this is just so pretty and it looks big enough to fit everything in for a trip to the beach. Finally to complete the look, killer red nails, a floppy hat because I don't want to catch too much sun. Those beautiful red sunnies and bright red lips. 

1. Spot Dress £39.12, 2.Ice lolly Earrings £16.29, 3. Bow Clutch Bag £59.00, 4. Bow Platforms £29.99, 5. Dragon Fruit Nailvarnish £3.99, 6. Cotton Candy Cart Necklace £29.32.

This was my favourite outfit to put together, I think it looks cute and flirty and just reminds me of bubblegum. I'm not really a pink person but this dress its just amazing. Such a flattering style and its so pretty and I just love it. The shoes are a perfect match for the dress, the bows are perfect, as is the Ted Baker bag the big bow just makes this whole outfit look a lot more cuter. I'm in love with the Betsey earrings how cute are they? And the necklace Betsey is just fabulous all her jewellery is so cute. Finally the outfit would be complete with the nail varnish from barry M. It might just be too much pink but I think its just a great outfit personally.

What do you think ? Have you entered the competition? If so leave you entry below, I'd love to take a look :)
Kloe x


  1. I love all of these outfits you have put together :D I'd totally wear these :) xx

    1. Thank you, that means a lot. I always think I bet no one would ever wear anything I like haha xx

  2. that pink dress is beautiful! xxx

    1. I know I love it, I ended up buying it but it was too big so I've had to get it altered but its taking forever to come back! xx