Monday, 1 April 2013

Recently #10

Hi guys, I know this is a bit late and I've still got two posts to finish about France! Don't worry these are the best ones but I've been super busy, all I've done since Thursday is spend time with my family and seeing old friends, I've barely been on the computer, I really haven't had time. Friday I saw my dad and my little sisters then Abbey came down, Saturday I saw my uncle and then Brandon and Lewis then Sunday we had a huge Easter dinner at Gran Dots and then I went up Johns and ended up going to pub till about midnight with Beth, Jenni and the boys. So as you can see I've been super busy, its been a lovely weekend catching up with friends though, how was yours?
 So recently I've been;
 Listening to well I've seen my uncle a lot this week so I've heard a lot of Oasis and The Smiths really. At home I've listened to whatever itunes played so its been a week filled with all sorts of music!
Reading Not a lot, my kindles broken and my replacement won't arrive till Thursday so I've been slowly re-reading Sirens by Tom Reynolds.
Watching Game of Thrones season 2 again due to Season 3 premier tonight, I've also been re-watching Sharpe and millions of episodes of CSI NY. 
Lusting after Pink hair, or back to Blonde. I'm dying to dye my hair! So bad, its just got long and rather healthy though, I do this every single time! I'm so bad.
Wishing for My degree to be over with or just find something more exciting can I just have a decent job now please?!
Getting excited about Download, after seeing Brandon and Lewis, I'm pretty excited for it and Game of Thrones tonight of course!

This weeks song choice is Supersonic - Oasis.
Do you like Oasis? Are you going to Download festival?
What did you do over Easter weekend?
Kloe x


  1. Beautiful as usual!

    I love Oasis & The Smiths and of course Game of Thrones!

    Amy x

    1. Thank you, and same, both are just such good bands!
      And I'd be more shocked if you'd said you didn't like Game of Thrones, it's fantastic isn't it! We've had to wait until tonight to watch Season 3 since we don't have whilst we're in Manchester! Haha xx

  2. you are so pretty :D you really suit red lipstick :) xx

    1. Aww thank you! I'm proper blushing over here! Haha xx