Sunday, 7 April 2013

Recently #11

Hello lovelies! How're you? I know this is usually posted on a Friday but oh its been another busy week and its back to University tomorrow, I don't really want to go back, at least we break up for summer soon. My main problem is when I go back it means exams are going to start soon and I'm one of these people who get really sweaty and panicky over exams and wants to puke. I'm sure I'll be okish though since I started revising when I got back from France. This week has been quite a packed one, Monday night we drove down to Eccles (Manchester) to see John's Grandad, John's gran died back in January and it was heartbreaking, such a shock out of nowhere really and we felt we should go down and make sure he's getting on ok and that. Obviously it was an upsetting experience, when people have been married / together that long the other persons obviously going to be hurting. But his Grandad was pleased to see us and we got have a wander around Manchester, we went to see some of the spots on the Smiths music tour and went to the Salford Quays and the Imperial war museum. We also went on a Man City Stadium tour and a little shopping trip where I got the cutest skirt with Giraffes on! Anyway we got back Thursday and since then I've been catching up with uni work and seeing my family. So onwards:
Listening to well as a tradition whenever we go to manchester we have the smiths on a lot and so this week I've pretty much listened to one of my favourite bands on constant. 
Reading I got my replacement kindle! YEY So I've started reading the help again, its so good. I can't seem to put it down!
Watching Lusting after Pink hair still! and Some shoes from Melissa I've found a pair that would go perfect with this dress I got a few months back! I've also been lusting after holidays, I think we're going to just stay in England and go to London for a few nights since we can't afford an abroad holiday and we might do a camping trip either way I lusting after summer days and holidays. 
Wishing for It to be June already, it will be warmer, brighter and much more relaxing. Plus by then I think I'll be finished my first year or Uni and it'll be grand. I've also been wishing for my hair to grow so I do something with it, its finally getting thick again which means it won't be as flat soon, hopefully.
Getting excited about Summmmmer, with a possible trip to London on the cards I'm proper excited.

This weeks song is There is a Light that never goes out - The Smiths. I rather enjoy this song it reminds me of my gran, its not my favourite song by The Smiths but its in my top 10.

Do you like The Smiths? Have you read the help?
I hope you've all had a good weekend :)
Kloe x

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