Saturday, 13 April 2013

Recently #12

Hello everyone!
This is my 'I cannot be fucked with you or anyone else today because I'm super pissed off about everyone and everything' face. If you are following me on twitter you will have noticed that this week I just have not been a happy bunny, people are annoying me especially my mother. My mother just loves to do my head in and be an arse. Also I've been at uni all week super stressed and super annoyed 'cause public transport does my head in and people are doing me head in and then there are stupid annoying house companies who want to charge me a fortune that I can't afford. Anyway moving on before I get angry again this week's been pretty low key getting back into the swing of things with uni, tonight I'm meant to be going on a dinner date with John but then his boss whos a knob has said he might have to work late so we might not get to go for dinner, fingers crossed we will though cause I want to wear my new skirt. So nothing much has happened this week, I was ill a few days, we had  a lab on bones yesterday which was alright I guess, I'm not a massive fan of bones and can't stand the feel of them ick haha. What has happened this week is Me and John are off to London in July for a few days for a mini break yey! Super excited for this, we went this time last year for 4 days and we had a fab time so we can't wait to go back down. I think its funny that I get excited about going to London but you know the north is pretty grim at times haha.
Moving on though heres this weeks list-

Listening to My download playlist getting ready for the festival yey! So its been some pretty good tunes (although I'm sure many will disagree) such as Slipknot, Rammstein, Jimmy Eat World and Stone Sour. Of course theres more but you know.
Reading I got my replacement kindle last week so I've started reading the help again, since I got half way and the kindle broke! Its a pretty good read. 
Watching Lusting after Some cute white shoes, to go with a dress I got, I just can't find any anywhere, I want some cute heels that aren't too high because its a 50s dress so I don't want platforms, so if anyone sees any please let me know!
Wishing for My first year of uni to be over and to have passed my exams so I can enjoy the summer and relax.
Getting excited about The sun, apparently he'll be making a full appearance soon! Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed ey? I'm also excited about the last Sookie Stackhouse book coming out early may, I'm upset by this too but I'm so excited to read it!

This weeks music video will be Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino, oh I love this song, I was going to go with some angry Slipknot or Rammstein but decided against it haha. I'm so excited to see these guys at Download, I've wanted to see them for years, I've seen most of the other bands before but these guys it'll be the first time I hope they're worth it.

Are you going to Download festival? Have you got any book recommendations?
Kloe x


  1. Don't worry, my family tend to annoy me a lot too XD I think it's refreshing reading a blog that doesn't always say life is happy 100% and that there is stuff going on in your life that annoy you XD I can't believe your boyfriend's boss did that, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you two can make it out for dinner :D xx

    p.s. cute top!

    1. I'm pleased its not just me! I know most blogs are 100% happy all of the time, its like are you real?! haha. I know she's awful his boss but we made it out to dinner so its all ok!
      And thanks its a new favourite! xx